Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


67. Snowflakes and kisses

Emily's P.O.V:


"I'm glad to have you here," I whispered, and kicked a bit of the snow with my foot. Zayn nodded, and squeezed my hand tightly. The darkness had surrounded us, and only the light from the moon lighted us up. The sky was clouded some places, allowing snow to fall from it in a peaceful way. It was cold outside, but we had still decided to go for a walk. His hand in mine felt nice, though both of us were wearing gloves. No one were out, and I felt like I for once had a normal relationship to him, and believe it or not, I enjoyed it more than I ever had imagined. 


It's everything you've wanted. 

It's everything you don't. 


My feet were cold, though I had squeezed them down in my big winter boots. The snow had melted on my boots, and now even my socks were wet. But I didn't mind about wet socks, cold hands, or the snowflakes that melted in my hair. All that mattered was that I was with him, and that I had him to myself. The feeling was more than I could take, it was so strong that it scared me. The happiness that I hadn't experienced in a long time kicked in, like a rush. Like a drug. The smile on my lips was not there to go, it was there to stay. 


It's one door swinging open,

and one door swinging closed. 


It was one of those feelings that you'd never believed that you would be lucky enough to experience. It was like everything you had wanted was there, and you could grab it if you wanted to, and you didn't even have to let it go. It was an invincible feeling. To know that someone cared for you, just as much as you cared for them. It was like the rainbow after the storm, the one that people always waits for, but many don't get. I felt luckier than ever, and at moment I really believed that maybe I was the luckiest person on this planet, cause it was unbelievable to think that anyone else had ever felt like this.


Some prayers find an answer,   

some prayers never know. 


We didn't say a lot, but I didn't see any reason to. The silence that was lying between us was speaking louder than words ever would. I didn't see any reason to break it. The wind was blowing in my hair, and making my cheeks turn into a rosa color, just as well as the tip of my nose. Sometimes I could see a snowflake, from the corner of my eye, land in my hair. I saw the details and saw it melt. 
The smell of snow was everywhere. It was a fresh and cold smell, it hurt my nose when I breathed in deeply, but it was making me feel alive. 


We're holding on,

and letting go. 


There was a layer of ice on the lake, and the snow was reflecting in the moonlight. I took a better hold of his hand, and leaded him closer to where to land and ice met. We stood there for a moment, breathing deeply in. Enjoying what we had, because nothing lasted forever. Maybe this world wasn't such a bad place. I stood up on my tiptoes, and pressed my lips to his cheek, feeling the tension as he broke into a smile. Though he looked a little worried, when I let go of his hand, like he was scared to lose me. 


Sometimes we're holding angels,

sometimes we never even know. 


I took the first step out on the ice, hearing it cracking, but it was a silent sound. His hand wrapped around my upper arm, and his fingers closed hard. "I think that we should stay up here," He said, and sounded scared. I turned my head and met his eyes. "It'll be alright," I whispered, "Do you wanna come?" I asked, and held my hand out for him to take it, his eyes wandered down to it, and then to the ice, and then to my face. "I'd rather not." He mumbled, and I knew that he didn't feel like such a man at that moment. 


Don't know if we'll make it,

or we know that we just can't let it go. 


"Then let's stay on the ground," I said, and took a step backwards, until I could feel the safe ground under my feet. There was no need to worrying him. "Would you mind going back home? I'm feeling cold, and I could really use a cup of tea," I smiled, and he chuckled a little. "No, not at all." He said, and looked down at me. Our eyes were locked together for many seconds, until I closed my eyes, slowly stood on my tiptoes, and then felt a pair of soft lips being pressed against mine. 



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