Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


61. She's my kind of crazy

The same night she was standing in front of the mirror, in Harry's room, freaking out by the ticking clock. She didn't know why she felt so nervous, or all of sudden wanted to look perfect, but she did. Harry was standing a bit behind and beside her, watching her. "You look amazing," He said, while nodding his head. She shook her head, "I can't wear this, I'm afraid it might be too much,". Harry laughed a little, and she turned her head to look at him, "What's funny?", "Oh, nothing, you just act like a sixteen years old" He smiled, and rolled his eyes. "Can you hand me the white lose tanktop over there?" She asked, and pulled the shirt she had on now, over her head, and threw it on the floor. She didn't care about only being in her bra in front of him, he was a good friend, and an even closer one through the past week. She grabbed the tanktop from him, and slid it on. "Perfect," She mumbled, and reached out for her silver necklace on the table beside the mirror. "Can you help me with this?" She asked, and met Harry's eyes in the reflection of the mirror. He nodded. She handed him the necklace, and lifted her hair up in her neck, so that he could close the necklace. When the cold silver met her skin, she shivered slightly, and when he had closed to, she let her hair fall back down again. "Thanks," She mumbled. He smiled at her, one of those smiles that only appear when people care for each other, and this smile was small but showed Harry's happiness. "You really do look beautiful," He whispered. She just giggled, "Well, thank you!". 
Their relationship was usually like a brother and sister relationship, and though she only was two years younger than him, he saw her as a younger person. Probably because of her height as well. "When did he say that he would be here?" Harry asked, and stroke her her hair on top of her head. "At nine," She answered. He smiled, and looked down at the watch on his left wrist, "Well sweetheart, that's in three minutes,". "What?" She gasped, and span around. "Fuckfuckfuck," She muttered as she grabbed some socks from her bag, sat down on Harry's bed, and slid the ankle socks on. "Okay, okay... How do I look?" She breathed in deeply, and he just shook his head and laughed. "I've told you two times already, you look beautiful, don't worry,".
She took another deep breath, and then she stood up. "Heels or vans?" She asked, and Harry pointed at the vans. She would hate to be overdressed. 

In about five minutes, the door bell rang, and Harry was the first one to make it out in the hall, and to open up the door. There his best friend stood, with a relaxed smile on his lips, wearing a pair of black jeans and a blue shirt. "Hey mate," He said, and Harry just smiled again and shook his head. He felt so weird being in this situation. Like a dad sending his daughter out on a date, or a brother sending his sister out with a boy his age. "Man, take care of my sister, I'll shoot you if you hurt her," Harry joked, and punched Zayn's shoulder. He just laughed, and rolled his eyes, "I'll do my very best,".
Behind Harry, Emily appeared. Her cheeks were slightly red, when Zayn's eyes met hers. She smiled a little, and looked up at Harry, that took a step aside. "Be home at eleven, young lady," Harry again joked. "Shut up you wreck! I'll be home whenever I want," She stood on her tiptoes, and hugged Harry tightly. "Have fun you two, I'll just be here. Miserable and alone... In my flat, drinking beers, and watching The Notebook," He shouted after them, as they were on their ways down the stairs. Emily just showed him the 'fuck-finger' over her shoulder, and could hear him laugh. She was already in a great mood, and could feel the excitement set in. They walked to his car, but not in silence. Zayn asked how it was to stay with Harry, and she just laughed and said that he was great company.
Zayn held the door to the passenger side open for her, and she gladly jumped in. "You two seem like you have fun, I'm happy that you're staying with him," He said, before closing the door, and walking around the car, to the drivers side. He easily jumped in. 
When they were driving down the streets of London, she turned up the radio, but not loud. She sang along to some song that he didn't know, playing on the radio. Her voice was adorable, though she wasn't much of a great singer. "I think I should be a rock star," She laughed, and turned the radio up loudly. She sang out loud, and played on an air guitar. He just rolled his eyes, and smiled to himself. 


She's my kind of crazy. 





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