Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


77. Room 248


The redhaired doctor, also called Dr. Flynn, that had gotten the job to keep me calm, and with company, followed me down the white walled halls. She was leading me to the room where Zayn would be, though I had been told that I couldn't get in yet, because it was one of the rooms where the operations happened. I didn't say a word as we walked side by side down the hall. If I knew where he was, I wouldn't have doubted about running as fast as I could, and slammed up the doors, no matter if he was lying cut open on a metal stretcher - which I knew wasn't the case. Dr. Flynn hadn't said anything since she had told me about where he was, and I hadn't had the power to speak. 

My mind was shut off somehow, and whole my body felt numb, apart from the aching. But I didn't cry, not a single tear rolled down my cheek. As soon as I had gotten into the police car, I had stopped crying, and a kind of confusing and exhausting pain, that tore me up mentally, haunted me. 

"It's right there," Dr. Flynn said, and ripped me out of my focus on the white floor, that I had glued my eyes to. My head fast snapped back up, and my eyes found a white double door, with two small round windows. My heart started beating faster, and everything seemed to slow down to slowmotion. How every step I took seemed to slow down, and even my thoughts turned into slowmotion. 


No one's P.O.V:


The white double doors swung open, and two doctors stepped out. Inside of the room Emily could hear some noise, and then another doctor came out, walking backwards. At first Emily didn't understand anything, she stood frozen in the middle of the hall, and watched the two first doctors hurry down the hall, and open up the glass double doors, to the neck hall. They held them wide open, and that's when Emily's eyes wandered back to the doctor that walked backwards. He held onto the edge of a hospital bed, with wheels. Another doctor was pulling it from behind. A metal stand was hanging on the side of the bed, with a clear plastic bag, filled with thick red liquid, also known as blood. Emily forced herself to looked away from the stand, where a lot of hoses hang. They were all attached to Zayn's body somehow. She let her eyes follow one of the hoses, that ran down to his wrist, where a piece of bandage was covering the end of it, that she knew was sitting under his skin, with a little help from a needle probably. Her eyes ran up his arm, and to his shoulder where a plastic turquoise cape was lying over him, hiding his naked chest. She kept on letting her eyes study him. But when she finally looked at him, his face, she felt like someone punched all air out of her lungs. She gasped after air, and could feel her heart start to pump blood faster around in her body.

Zayn's eyes were closed, and he was wearing another one of those horribly masks, that covered his mouth and nose. One of those that gave him oxygen to breathe, until they made it to the other room. 

The two doctors that handled the hospital bed, with Zayn on, hurried down the hall, away from Emily and Dr. Flynn. Away from the room where they had tried to stop his internal bleeding, and tried to keep him alive. 

Seconds passed after the four doctors were out of sight, along with Zayn, but Emily was still standing frozen in the hall. Her stare was empty, and her arms hanging hopelessly down by her sides. She was still staring after the bed, where he had been lying, though it had been gone for a half minute. A half minute that felt like ages. 

Dr. Flynn that knew what was going on, and what was going to happen just waited for Emily to get back to reality. She had been dealing with stuff like that before, though it usually was the job the nurses got. She used to be one of the four doctors that hurried down the halls, to save the lives of victims in all ages, and of all kind of accidents. She was always trying her hardest not to get emotionally invovled in the job, but once when a father had been carrying his wet four years old son, that had fallen in the water, and drowned, she had found it hard. Dr. Flynn herself had a four years old son, Benjamin.

She watched the young woman, trying to figure out when she would be able to talk to, but seconds passed, where the girl just stared down the hall, where her boyfriend had disappeared two minutes earlier. "Miss Hawthorne," Dr. Flynn carefully spoke. The girl didn't answer, she kept on looking down the hall. Dr. Flynn decided not to speak before the girl did it, and that leaded to more seconds passing.

Finally Emily turned to look at Dr. Flynn, and asked, "Where are they taking him?"  

Dr. Flynn that didn't know stayed calm, "Maybe we should take you down to the reception, where you-" 

"No! No, I need to see him!" Emily finally showed sign of panic, and her eyes moved from Dr. Fynn to the empty hall, and back to Dr. Flynn. "Please," She almost cried out, and tried to catch some air, but her breath was shaking. "I'm afraid you'll have to wait," Dr. Flynn kept on speaking calmly, like she knew she should. Emily shook her head in protest, "No! I can't! Please, Doctor!" She begged, and blinked fast with her eyes, to keep the tears from falling. 

"You will not be able to see him," Dr. Flynn said, and kept looking at Emily. 

"I need to" She mumbled, so silent that barely even Dr. Flynn heard it.

"You will have to wait in the waiting room," 

"I don't care! Just take me to him, at least do that much..." If Dr. Flynn refused, Emily wouldn't hesitate by running down the hall, and through the glass door, in a hopeless try to find the right room. But the hospital was big, and even this floor was, so she doubted that she would succeed. 

After some seconds of silence, Dr. Flynn pressed on a little button on the edge of her shirt. A tiny little lamp lighted up in a red color. "This is Dr. Flynn. I need the details of what room, and which floor Mr. Zayn Malik is in," She spoke professionally. Every doctor had a microphone on their clothes somewhere, so that they could contact the office, and get information, in case they needed it. And every doctor had a speaker in their ear, that they could put in and out. Dr. Flynn nodded as the receptionist gave her the information, through the speaker.

"Follow me," Dr. Fynn finally said, and looked at Emily, that nodded fast.



He breathed in deeply, but wasn't able to catch as much air as he was supposed to. His breathing was weak, and his head felt heavy from the morphine. He couldn't feel the pain, but he knew that his condition wasn't stable. He fought to keep his eyes open, not daring to close them, afraid to lose himself. Afraid that he then would stop fighting and he would fade. Four doctors were moving him. He had gotten a hose down his throat through his nose. He could feel the dizziness from the medicine they gave him. 

He moved his head slightly to the side, on the soft pillow, and turned to look at the door with the curtains that were half closed, but you could see through if you wanted. He tried to breathe in again, and felt that it was easier. The hoses down his in his nose helped him. 

"Let's put him in coma now," A doctor said. The others said something back, and their conversation about him leaded on. 

Their voices faded out as background music. He was too dizzy to hear a word they said. 

In the little window in the door, her face showed up... 

Her eyes met his, and a little sad smile grew on her lips. Her eyes were wet, and her hand pressed against the window. He forced a weakened smile, and held the eye contact for a few more seconds, until he couldn't anymore, and slowly closed them. 

He felt himself slip away from the world around, but not in the way death would tear him away, cause he would still breathe, and he could still hear voices around him, but he was still feeling as he was sleeping. 



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