Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


74. Rainy ending


Emily's P.O.V:


I stood on the sidewalk many minutes after his car was out of my sight. Just staring out in the empty space in front of me, trying to get a somehow hold of my spinning thoughts. The cold air was giving me goosebumps, and making my hands shake lightly. It hurt my bare legs when the cold wind hit them, like millions of needles. I had my blazer over my shoulders, which I had used for a jacket tonight, not knowing that I would have spend more than a a few seconds outside. I took a deep breath...


"No, I don't dance!" I protested, but my laugh made it hard for him to take me seriously. "C'moooon! This song is the only slow song there will be tonight," He begged, and tried to pull me out on the dance floor, but I refused to move, though his strengt made it hard for me. "And how do you know?" I asked, and raised my eyebrows. I forgot to fight against him, and in one move he had pulled me close to him, and out on the dance floor. "I don't," he whispered, and looked down into my eyes. "Zayn, I'm not joking, I can't dance. You know that, I'll just make a fool out of myself!" 
"No you won't, I'll lead you," He grabbed me around my waist with one hand, and lifted my up slightly, just enough for me to place my feet on top of his, "See, I'll lead you?" 
I nodded, but remained silent. His right hand, that he didn't have around my waist, to pull me close, grabbed my hand, the one that wasn't slightly holding onto his shoulder. Our fingers intwined, and he held our hands up. I looked at them, and found my fingers fitting between his like puzzle-pieces. It surprised me when he started moving slow and gently, to the rhythm of the music. I looked up, and meet his hazel eyes. 


My apartment was dark when I stepped in, and a uncomfortable silence was lying over it. It took me many seconds to find the button to the light, on the wall. And when the light turned on, I had to blink fast a few times, to get used to the light. My heels klicked against the wooden floor as I walked down the little hall, and to the white door, on my left, into my bedroom. I pressed the cold metal handle down, stepped into the room, turned the light on, and made my way to my bed, where I let myself fall lazily down on my back, still wearing dress, heels, and blazer. 



Zayn's P.O.V:


I held onto the wheel tightly. My knuckles turned white, and my eyes were staring at the road. I kept them there, trying to focus on things that didn't make me feel emotionally unstable, or confused. The streets were no longer frozen, because of the weather finally had gotten over zero degrees. Now all that fell from the sky were small rain drops. They hit the window, but didn't block my sight of the road, so I kept on driving fast. As fast as I was allowed to. On a night like this, I hadn't expected many cars to be out, but the streets were way more crowded than I had imagined. 

Two blocks ahead I could see the green light turn yellow, and when I made it to the traffic light, it was red. I was forced to stop the car, which was exactly what I had been trying to avoid. I leaned back in my seat, and took a deep breath. I lost my focus on the road, and stared emptily out of window. 

While I sat there I had just enough time to think about how I could've reacted. Maybe it would've been better if I had followed her up, tried to talk to her, make her explain. Maybe there was some logic in all of this. Maybe she hadn't meant to keep secrets, not that she wasn't allowed to, but it did make me unsure of where I stood with her. 

What ripped me out of my thoughts was the sound of the car horns behind me. I looked up at the traffic light, to see that it had turned green, and then I pressed the speeder down. 

I drove a bit down the road, until there were less cars, and few enough for me to turn the car around, and drive back on another track. As I speeded up, trying to get back as fast as possible, it started raining harder. Knowing that it was dangerous to drive as hard as I did, didn't stop me from doing it. I left like time was running away from me, and like I had to make it to her place before...

Before I didn't even know what. She would probably stay in her apartment all night, but yet I felt like the faster I got there, the easier it would be to get things right. 

It started raining harder, but I didn't slow down. Not the slightest. 


Not even when I turned right, and the road was smooth, and my wheels made awful loud sounds against the road, when I lost control over the car. I first let go of the speeder, when I shut my eyes, and felt the car rotate in a dangerous speed, while the sound of the decks against the road tortured my ears. 

First when I felt the fear of never making it to her place, kick in. 

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