Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


26. Placing boxes

After three hours of baking we were done, and the result was thirteen plates of cookies, which was about 200 cookies, since there were about fifteen cookies on each plate. 

Most of the cookies ended in boxes.

Emily took four of the boxes, two under her arms, and two in her hands, and then she walked out the kitchen, while Clara kept on filling boxes.

I followed Emily, out into the hall, and down the hall to the left, through another door, and down the hall again. And in the end of that hall there were a washing room, where a lot of clothes hang, inclusive some man shirts, jeans, socks, and... boxers. 

In the middle of bra's, undies, and tops. - Her clothes. 

Everything was in dark colours, like black or grey.

I groaned disgruntled when looking back at the manly clothes, so I looked away, till my eyes found Emily that stood on her tip toes, trying to reach one of the highest shelves. I chuckled a little to myself, and walked up to her, until I stood right behind her. 

"Need help?" I asked in a low voice, and I could feel her bode freeze. 

"Anything wrong?" I asked again, with a smirk on my face. 

"No-no, just thought you were standing in the door, you surprised me," She mumbled, and tried once again to push one of the boxes up on the shelf. The other boxes where standing on the floor. 

I was taller than her, about 19 centimetres which was 7.5 inches. 

But to be honest she was a small girl. Which I found terrible adorable. 

I reached out for the box that she was trying to place, and when I grabbed out for it, my hand stroke the back of her hand, and I could feel the electricity, and the beat my heart skipped. I took the plastic box away from her, and she sank down on her feet again, not standing on her tiptoes anymore. 

"Thank you," She mumbled, and I just looked back and smiled at her, after placing the box on the shelf. "You should've asked me to help," I said, as she handed me another box. 

She shrugged her shoulders, "Thought I could handle it on my own,"

I raised my right eyebrow and laughed a little, which made her turn to look down at her feet. 

I realised that I somehow had made fun of how tall she was, which I knew was a thing that seriously made her upset. 

"Sorry, didn't mean to sa-" 

"It's okay," She said, and kneeled down, to grab another box. "No seriously, sorry!" I mumbled. 

She looked up at me, while slowly standing up again, "I know you didn't mean it in a bad way," 

"I swear I didn't!" I tried hard to save the situation a bit. I placed the third box on the shelf, now there was only one box left, except from the ones in the kitchen. 

She didn't say anything, just stood with the fourth box in her hands, while turning it slowly around, so that the cookies inside got a bit tossed around. "I mean... I think you're beautiful, just the way you are, and I wouldn't wanna... You know, you're quite perfect actually. I like the fact that you're small, it makes me feel like I am pro-" I talked pretty fast, and didn't really think of the worlds slipping out of my mouth, until I saw her face expression and stopped myself. She was looking right at me, with a confused look in her eyes, and a wrinkled forehead. 

Gosh, I had messed up again. 

And now the situation was awkward. 

I nervously scratched my neck, like Clara had done earlier... And like I always did when I got nervous. 

"Thank you... I guess?" She mumbled, and gave me the last box, that I carefully placed on top of another box. "You're welcome, I guess?".

She had taken my response as a joke, and smiled slightly at me. But it hadn't been a joke, I didn't know if I should say 'You're welcome' or 'I'm sorry, shouldn't have said that'. 

"Should we get the other boxes?" She said, and broke the awkward silence.

I just smiled, "Definitely!".

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