Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


10. Phone call

Emily's P.O.V:


"Hey Em!" Zayn voice sounded through the phone. In that second my heart - without my control - skipped a beat, and I smiled slightly to myself. I knew it was wrong. I knew that when just to hear his voice made me this happy, I should've hung up. But instead I found myself happily answering him.

"Hey Malik, what's up?" I leaned up against the kitchen desk, in the Pub's kitchen. The phone was lying between my ear and shoulder, while I dried my hands in a towel. Doing the dishes was not really my thing, but someone had to do it.

"I just wondered if you were free this week?" His voice was husky, like it usually was when he just woke up. Sexy. 

"Did you just wake up?" I asked, before stopping myself. I could hear him laugh a little, "Kinda... just took a shower,".

Just took a shower. A shower. A shower. He had been naked. He had been standing all naked while hot water had been running down his tan and toned body. His tattoo's. His abs. His arms. His hands. His back. His legs. His neck. His... Stop yourself. I fast hissed at myself. But I wondered if he still looked like I remembered, if he had gotten any new tattoo's, or if he maybe had worked out a little bit more? I didn't know. 

"Emily?" He asked, and I fast ripped myself out of my thoughts of his... naked body. 

"Umm, yeah. Sure, what?" It sounded obvious that I had been thinking of something wrong. Something that I never should've have considered thinking about. 

"So what do you say?"

He had been sleeping all day? Hadn't he. He had probably been out last night. Sunday night? Weird. 

"Umm.. Yeah, I don't know!" Oh god, I sounded like a confused teenager. He just laughed. "Tell your boss that you're sick, and take the next cab to London," I could hear him mess around a little in his flat. "Zayn, that's not possible, it's my work..." I sighed, and started walking a little around, placing the things on the right places. "Of course it is!" He sounded optimistic, while I felt pessimistic. I couldn't visit him. Not with my work.

"No, it's not..." I mumbled.

"Yes it is!" He said. "I'll call you a cab, it'll be a yours at 6pm, and you can stay at a hotel.. We can just like... hang. Like in old days?"

"In old day?" I snorted. "Yes. Like in old days... Pretty pretty pleeeease," His voice turned from masculine to sounding little a little boy, in 0,5 seconds.

"You really wanna see me, huh?"

"Yep. It's been a long time. We didn't really get to talk the other time, so I thought that maybe we could catch up on the things we've missed in each others life," 

I didn't sound stupid. It sounded pretty perfect. But it wasn't possible. 

"I can't, I'm afraid," 

"Shut up! Of course you can, and you're going to!" He was so stubborn. 

"Well, okay. But if I get fired it's YOUR fault. And you'll get me a new job..." I said it as a joke, but he answered seriously; "That sounds like a good idea, cause I could give you jobs that were way better!"

"Sure, whatever..." I laughed. 



And so... a few hours later I was in a cab on my way to London. I must have been out of my mind... 


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