Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


97. Packing - or not

Zayn's P.O.V:


"So how do you back for a tour?" Emily asked as she poured some tea into her cup, before sitting down cross-legged on my bed. I chuckled a little, "Like you pack for a vacation?" 

"You know what I mean," She rolled her eyes and scoffed herself closer to me. I nodded and glanced at the clothes that I had spread over my entire floor the past half hour that we had been home, "Well... It depends, sometimes I back more than five suitcases and other times I only pack two and then buy a lot of stuff - but it's hard to go shopping, so it's usually more than five bags." 

A little smile grew on her lips, "You sound like me when I was a teenager." 

Zayn chuckled, "You didn't seem all that fancied up?"

"I wasn't, but I always packed hell lots of clothes when I went away on vacations. But you knew me, I didn't pack pink and glitter." 

"I'm glad you didn't." 

She smiled a little bigger, and reached out for a grey crew neck that Zayn had folded on the bed. "This one is nice, but remember that you are going to the states - the hottest parts, so I don't think that you will need a lot of crew necks. Just saying". 

"I need something you can wear at night, so you won't be cold." The simply stated and grabbed the crew neck, that he slowly folded and put back on the bed. "I won't be there?" Emily said, slightly confused. 

"Of course you will!" 

"No, I am going to New York?" She grew even more confused. 

"I know, but you first start working in Marts, so you can be with me for almost a month," He smiled. "- Of course only if you would like to?" He then fast added. 

"Zayn Malik, you are asking me to come with you a few days before the tour? You are unbelievable!" 

"I'm sorry, I just... Maybe... I wasn't sure if yo-" He nervously started, but cut off when she leaned in and softly pressed her lips against his. He was taken by surprise at first, but only a few seconds later his hand found its way to her thigh, and he leaned closer to her, putting more passion into the kiss. 

"Wait," Emily stopped him as she leaned away, breaking the kiss. He wrinkled his forehead, "Did I do something wrong?"

She shook her head and placed the cup of tea that she still had in her hand, on the night stand. "Now I'm ready," She smiled. He didn't waste a single second, instead he scoffed himself closer to her and pressed his lips softly against hers. Their lips were dancing gently against each other, until he parted her lips slightly to get in contact with her tongue. As his hand once again found her thigh, and crept further up, she couldn't help but moan in the back of her throat. She was aware of the fact that Zayn had to be packing, and that they didn't have time for this, but somehow it wasn't enough to stop her. She craved him. Not only the burning feeling that his hand left on her naked thigh, but the feeling his entire body left her with when it was connected with hers. He moved closer to her, slowly causing her to lay down on her back, with her head on the pillow and fire in her veins. The hand he had been having on her thigh, moved to the side of her body, and up until he gently placed it on her cheek. He lifted his head slightly, breaking the kiss. "You're so goddamn beautiful," He smiled. Not the kind of smirk that she would've expected. More the kind of smile that showed in his eyes, and told her without words that she somehow had stolen his heart. 

She giggled a little, before wrapping her arms around his neck and roughly pulling his entire body down on top of hers. He placed his hands on each side of her shoulders, so that his whole body weight wouldn't be on her tiny body. 

"Someone's not patien-"

"Shut up," She cut him off and pressed her lips against his again.  


Zayn's P.O.V: 


When the foreplay was over, our bodies were pressed against each other and her panting was like music in my ears, I really wished that I could freeze the moment and stay in it forever. I groaned as she bucked her hips more against mine. The fire that was running through my body, left me lightheaded, dizzy and overwhelmingly happy. A state where I wasn't thinking, because happiness is a state of not thinking and that was what I liked about it. I didn't have to worry about anything, only the moment that we were caught up in...

Until my phone rang, and Emily stiffened underneath me. Her breathing was still heavy, but her eyes widened, "You should take that." She stated, and removed the hand she hand on my neck. I nodded and - still breathless - sat up, reaching for my phone on the nightstand.

"H-hello," I said, still not being able to catch my breath. 

"Zayn! It's Niall!" The Irish boy said from the other side of the line. A sigh escaped my lips, "Why are you calling?"

"You sound... Wait, you're panting... Did I maybe possibly interrupt something that I shouldn't have interrupted?" He asked, a bit of guilt showing in his voice. I couldn't help but smile a little at his failed try of apologizing, "You did, but it's okay, go o-"

"No way. Why did you even pick up? Jessica and I keep going whether the house is on fire or not," 

"I sure don't hope so, I don't really want you to burn up... and I'd rather not bury you naked either," I chuckled. "Haha, no worries. I'll call Liam instead, it wasn't anything important anyway. Now get back to work, I don't think Emily is very pleased-"

"I can hear you, Niall!" Emily shouted, and let her head fall down on the pillow with a smile. 

"Why didn't you tell me that it was on speaker?" Niall wailed.

"It isn't! iPhone sounds are just really loud, sorry... Anyway, you're right - call Liam, I need to finish this." 

"Haha, see ya tomorrow!" 

"Yeah, see ya!" I hung up, and put my phone back on the nightstand before turning my eyes back to Emily, that was smiling innocently at me. "Where did we come from?" 

"Nowhere, I'm not really in the mood anymore," Emily said and shrugged her shoulders. 

My eyes widened, "What? Oh come ooon. What if I beg yo-"

"Calm down, and get back here - I was kidding," 

I breathed out in relief and made my way over to her, she stopped me before I got to kiss her again. "But you will have to seduce me first," She smirked and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, leaving me crazy to get back to what we had been doing. 


// OOBS: I am sorry that I haven't updated in ages. I will try to update this week again, but right now I am in Sweden, so this chapter might suck since I am writing on my grandpa's old computer, and I seriously only know how to deal with Mac computers, haha. 


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