Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


98. Packing - or not (2)

No one's P.O.V:

"Come on, Zayn... We don't need to pack," Emily wailed as she reached a hand out for him, grabbing his wrist. A chuckle left his lips as he glanced back at her. She was lying naked, on her left side, in the bed. Her messy hair was framing her face beautifully and the glimpse in her eyes was making it hard for Zayn to walk away, but he knew that they wouldn't have time for cuddling, since he had a lot of work to do before the tour and no matter how much he'd rather cuddle up with Emily, he just couldn't. 

"We really don't have the time," He apologised. Emily pulled her lower lip slightly out, "Pleeease?"

He chuckled a little, bend down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and afterwards said, "Sorry." 

Emily didn't seem pleased, she sighed loudly, let go of his wrist, grabbed the duvet and pulled it over her. "You don't wanna help packing?" Zayn asked when she closed her eyes, and curled up under the duvet. She didn't open her eyes, just mumbled; "I'm really tired". 

"You seemed really excited before though," 

"That was before we had sex and before you refused to cuddle with me," She was trying to sound accusing, but failed when she couldn't help but open her eyes and smile slightly. "You know that there's nothing I'd love more to cuddle with you right now, or maybe go for a round two bu-"

"A round two?" She raised her eyebrows, challenging him. 

He chuckled again while shaking his head, "One second you're tired, the other you are up for a second round". 


Emily's P.O.V: 


I was actually tired, but tired didn't mean that I didn't want to go for another round. I was still craving him close to me, like I had been since we got home from Harry's. I believed that it had something to do with the separation that soon would find place. I was aware of the fact that Zayn was pretty busy packing, even though they first would be leaving the 6th and it only was the 2nd. He had made it clear that he would have to be a lot in the studio before the tour, working on God knows what, so he would barely have any time home, and since he had to pack a lot of things, it was going to take a lot of time. 

"I am tired, but being close to you means more than sleep," I admitted. 

His smile grew bigger and his eyes lighted up like a child on Christmas Morning. 

"I will help you pack as soon as I wake up, okay?"  

"Maybe we have some time to cuddle, I mean... It is important after all," He mumbled, looking at me for some long seconds before joining me in the bed. I turned my back against him, giving him the chance to wrap his arm around my waist and pull my body closer to his - and he did. Before I closed my eyes, he planted a soft kiss on my shoulder, "You really got me tied up". 

I just smiled and drifted off to a place far away from his bedroom. Far away from London. 

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