Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


47. Old pictures

Clara's P.O.V:


As I scrolled through some old pictures on my mac, and tried to sort out a bit in my folders, I found a folder called; Summer '12. At first my heart skipped a beat, and I got excited, but the feeling excitement got replaced by the feeling of being scared. Yes, I was actually scared to open the folder. I was scared to see the pictures, and to get reminded. I was scared to feel that rush of mixed emotions, and to see myself like I had been. I swallowed hard, looked around in the room to make sure that I was alone. Of course I was, my best guy friend - who I shared apartment with - was out with a friend today. 
I clicked on the folder, and a few seconds the pictures started filling whole my screen. My eyes ran over them, and like I had feared... My eyes watered, a smile grew on my lips, and a stone build in my stomach, leaving it heavy. I didn't know what to feel... Or how to react. 
I double clicked on a picture, it was the first picture that had been taken before the four girl we'd been, had jumped on the plane to London, and then headed to Brighton. 
The picture showed Emily who was sitting on the bed in her house, with a open suitcase. I was doing my make up, and Olivia - one of our best friends back then - was on her way out of the room. 
It was probably Jennett who took the picture. 
I watched every picture. They were sorted by date, so the first ones were from our first few days. Most of them were from Jennett's aunts house, the beach, and a few from us at some old styles pub. I remembered that picture. Some nice man had asked if he should take it, so we all could be in it. 
I was wearing some short denim shorts, and a grey top, with some bracelets. Beside me Emily sat, with her arm around my shoulder, and a drink in the other hand. We were smiling. 
She was wearing a short white dress, that showed her curves off, in a classy and cute way. 
Then to my other side, Olivia sat, with a huge smile as well, and then beside her, Jennett. I remembered it like it had been yesterday. 

The next few pictures were from that afternoon, and then some fun posing pictures in the kitchen at the house in Brighton, and after them... A picture of Zayn and Emily. And that's where it started, pictures of them came, and then pictures of Harry, and then Harry and I. I swallowed again, and couldn't make myself stop looking through them. The way he had held me around my waist, had felt so nice. I could almost feel his touch. 
I took a deep breath through my nose, and breathed out. We both looked happy, and the height difference made me laugh a lot. He was about 15 to 20 cm taller than me. I closed my eyes, and took another deep breath. I could almost smell his perfume, but it wasn't really clear. 
I slowly opened my eyes again, and his smile from the screen met my eyes again. I didn't know where to place the feeling. I didn't know if I was happy for what had been... Or if I was hurting. 
I sure felt a bit lonely when looking through old cute pictures, but it wasn't anymore than that. I still couldn't help to wonder how he was doing now... Maybe I could find out next time I visited Emily, if she didn't screw up when it came to James.  
I didn't know what she doing, or what she was thinking off, but she was a big girl now, and she should be able to play her own game, so I decided not to stop her. 
I sighed loudly, and closed the laptop slowly. Then I leaned back in the chair, and started out in the air in front of me. It was weird to see how much things had changed in only six years, and then... Somehow they hadn't changed at all. It was just weird. 


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