Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


63. Night walks


Zayn's P.O.V: 


She held my hand, like she had been doing all the way down the street. It felt nice, like it was meant to be in mine. Her eyes were shining from the lights on the streets, and the Christmas decorations. It was almost the end of November, but not a single drop of snow had fallen from the sky yet. Though the weather was freezing. All of sudden she took one huge, almost a jump, in front of me, causing me to stop walking instantly. I wrinkled my forehead, and chuckled a little at her sudden urge to block my way. "What?" I asked, and squeezed her hand.  She was looking up at me, staring right into my eyes, "I-just-think-that-we're-walking-too-fast-and-you-are-utterly-handsome-and-probably-the-nicest-thing-on-this- planet," She said, without taking a pause to breathe. She smiled at me, that little cute smile that made even my knees go weak. My heart skipped a beat, and I felt like every part of me was melting. My body felt warm, even though it was cold. "Well, I think that you are utterly beautiful, and probably the sweetest thing on this planet," I said, way slower than she had spoken. "You're flirting with me, aren't you?" She asked, and took a step back, away from me. She let go of my hand. 
I just stared at her. What? Again I could feel the wrinkled build in my forehead. If I didn't stop doing that, maybe the wrinkled between my eyebrows would get permanent. 
Then she started laughing, "Come on," She smiled, and grabbed my arm. I breathed out in relief. She was weird, but it didn't change a thing. We started walking again, this time we walked arm in arm. Like an old couple. "I'd really like to meet your mamma," She said, after some minutes of silence. 
"Mamma?" I asked, and raised my right eyebrow. "Your mom. I've always called my mom: Mamma." She smiled, and turned to look up at me. "I don't really know," I mumbled. 
The thought of her meeting my mother scared me. "Why?" She asked, and poked her lower lip a bit out. "Because... Let's just wait," I mumbled, and tried to avoid eyecontact.  
I'd love to take her to my family. To make her fall in love with them, to make them fall in love with her. I wanted our on and off relationship to be a real one, to be true and serious... But the games she played. I was afraid that she might would do something crazy. Which was stupid, because if I loved her, my family would as well. 
But it was still a scary thought. I wanted them to love  her. If they didn't I would literally die... Or maybe not. But it was important to me, and it was maybe a bit too soon. "Whatever," She said, and shrugged her shoulders. Though she acted like it didn't mean a thing to hear. I could tell by the way that her eyes turned to look away from me, that she actually had been a bit hurt. I let go of her arm, and instead I put my arm around her shoulder, and stopped walking. She didn't say a thing. Neither did she look at me. 
I stepped in front of her, cupped her face in my hands, and leaned down. I pressed my lips to hers, and gave her a light but slow kiss. Her lips broke into a smile as I got my lips pressed to hers. When we pulled away, I met her eyes. It was like she stole my breath. 



//OOBS: Sorry for a short chapter. And sorry for not updating. 
I promise that I'll try to update as soon as possible, HOPEFULLY tomorrow! 
I will try to update more, like I used to. But I have pretty much homework lately, and my room is about to change a lot, so I'm busy sorting everything and buying new things. + I have to sort some things out in my life. 

Again, thanks for the comments! They make me smile, really, they do.

I love you. 

Mwuah <3 

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