Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


12. New flat

When I took the first step into his flat, I froze. There I stood in the door completely still, trying to picture this place. 

It was not bigger than the other one, maybe this even was smaller, but it was... So different. Maybe I had been wrong, maybe a lot had changed? His car. His flat. But had he changed?

My eyes searched around in the hall, that leaded to a fine living room. With a huge window to the right, with a view over town. It was almost like a glass wall. On a medium brown shiny wooden floor, there was a grey carpet. Two white sofa's stood in the room as well. The coffee table was medium brown wood as well. Then there was a huge flatscreen TV, with an Xbox.

There was two kind of chairs, without any back, made of Zebra skin, standing close to the window, as well. He probably sat there with the girls he brought home, and looked at the city, before sneaking inside of them, and letting them leave same night, or the day after. 

But, yes. This was so beautiful. A really really beautiful living room. In a fine and simple - but still personal way. The pictures over the television was mostly of family, and then there was one with the boys and Zayn. In his old living room... I felt a sting of pain, from missing that place so terrible much, but I shook it off. 

"Let me take your coat," He said with a husky voice from behind, and placed his hands on my shoulders. I breathed in deeply. He sneaked my blazer down, and left my shoulders naked, except from two thin strings from the dress, and bra. He was slow. So slow that it drove me crazy. I could hear him step back a little, but I didn't turn around to see what he was doing. He was still behind me, "Want anything to drink?" He whispered, and I realised how close he actually was. I gasped a little and took a step away from him, while turning around. "Yes, please." I mumbled, and he broke into a smile.

I placed myself on one of the Zebra chairs. They were not really soft, but not hard either. I crossed my legs, like I usually did, and let my eyes wander over town. Outside people were rushing. People were living. Here I sat, watching over them, like a fly. Dreaming about getting to live like them. But why? My life was perfect. I couldn't ask for anything better.

I could hear Zayn mess around in the kitchen, and suddenly a lot of emotions and memories rushed through my mind, and body. 


Chest to chest.

Nose to nose.

Palm to palm.

We were always just that close.


His fingers travelled around in circles on my hipbone, where the part of my skin was showing. I had my legs thrown over him, as we lay on his couch, while watching Tom and Jerry. His other hand was on my ankle, and my hands were behind my head. I was relaxed. Lying on the couch. My eyes were drawn to the television. But Zayn... He sat up, and his eyes were drawn to me. I could feel it. The bond between us. The little electrify making its way through the air. I yawned loudly, and he smiled a little. I was happy. He was happy. We were happy. We really were. I would've given anything to stay in that moment forever, and one day maybe marry him. 


Wrist to wrist.

Toe to toe.

Lips that felt just like the inside of a rose.



With my heart nervously beating in my chest, I ran my fingers through my hair one last time, and sat down on the tall bar chair next to him. He didn't bother looking up, just to see who sat down beside him... But it was okay, actually I wasn't going to talk to him, cause I'd rather miss this chance, than make him feel miserable about the people recognising him everywhere.

I grabbed a menu card, that someone left on the desk in front of me. While my eyes were searching trough the cocktails, I kept a half eye on Zayn. He was wearing a blue shirt, opened a bit in the neck so you could see a part of his tattoo on his chest.


Eye to eye.

Cheek to cheek.

Side by side.

You were sleeping next to me.





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