Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


6. Memories

"Thanks for tonight," Emily smiled, while opening up the door to her pickup truck. They were back on the parking lot again. Not a single cloud was hanging over London, so the view to the naked sky, with the beautiful stars, was perfect. A chilly breeze was tucking them in, as they stood there, front against each other.

Her eyes are shining, he thought, and found it hard to look away. Like diamonds. Or a fire. There was something about her big brown eyes, that was just as magical, as for six years ago. Those damn six years, oh how he cursed them. 

"It's me who's thanking," He nod politely at her, with a little smile. She just rolled her eyes, and sneaked into the car. When she sat on the seat, and the door still was open, she looked back at him, waiting for him to say something. 

"So... what are you doing tomorrow?" He asked.

Tell him that you're busy. 

"Uhm, nothing really." She plugged in the keys. 

"Would you mind spending the day with me?" A little light lighted up inside of him, but where it came from was hard to tell.

She just shrugged her shoulders, and found a little paper in her pocket, of her blazer. As usual there was a pen in the space between the two seat, so she grabbed it, and fast wrote the name of her hotel, down. Then she handed him the paper.

"Hilton? Hmm.. Near Gatwick?" He guessed. She just smiled, and nod. "Great, I'll be there.. maybe at around 11am, is that alright?" 

"That's perfect."


With those words, she drove away, and left him standing on the parking lot, watching the red car fade. 

Later that night, he found himself standing in front of the mirror, after a long and hot shower. His hair fell straight down around his face, hiding a bit of his right eye. He tried to blow it away, but ended up running his fingers through it, otherwise it wouldn't go away. When he was standing there, staring at the person in front of him. Into the hazel eyes, he couldn't help but think of her. After six years, his heart had still turned grey when he had watched her drive away, and after six years, a sting of pain had still punched him, when he heard the words, that she was engaged. He pressed two fingers against his temples, trying to picture her, the first night, six years ago.

It wasn't supposed to feel this way. 

The Emily he knew wouldn't plan on settling down, in such a young age. He thought would find her searching for the right guy, while leaving another bottle empty. But that wasn't exactly in the situation he had found her... What had gotten to her head? Had she lost her mind? It was hard to tell. All that Zayn knew, was that something was wrong. He didn't recognise her. It was still her face, and it was still her way of giggling and blushing, when he talked to her... But, she was way too grown up. - or she acted grown up. To him it wasn't hard to see right through her mask.

She was still just a kid. 


It felt like someone had taken his head, and shaken it. Until he was remaining light-headed, and dizzy. Not a typical headache. Don't you dare to fall apart, He hissed at himself. Not now. 

Still he decided that he definitely needed a little help to get through the night, so he ended up mixing a cocktail, with vodka, coke, and lemon, before heading to bed. He felt better. The words she had told him, was no longer playing on repeat in his head, and he thanked the alcohol, before he closed his eyes, and fell into a restless sleep. 


At the same time, Emily was lying on her bed, while wheels were turning inside of her head. With her phone in her hand, and free Wifi, she was searching through old pictures and articles on the internet. Things that gave her butterflies, and left her feeling miserable, at the same time. She looked happy, on the pictures. The smile was not fake, even an idiot could see that. Her fingers ran over the screen, and circled a little around their hands. Their fingers were locked around each other. And she could almost feel the feelings they had felt. Zaily, wasn't that what people had called her? A Zaily summer romance. She laughed a little to herself.

Some minutes later, she dropped her phone, in clear shock, when it vibrated. A new text message from, Jamie. - James nickname. 

She fast picked the phone up, and read the message; 

Hello beautiful. I miss you. Sleep tight.

She decided to act like she already was asleep, and ignored the text. And that's how she ended up looking old pictures through, for about two hours, before going to sleep. 





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