Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


38. Loving

Zayn's P.O.V:


After about 40 minutes, she was in heavenly peace, or maybe not, but she was asleep, and it was better that way. I slowly moved her a bit away from me, being sure not to wake her up. I carefully pulled the duvet further up, covering most of her body. I watched her for some seconds. Her eyelids were shut, her chest moving slowly up and down, she looked so peaceful. Like I remembered her. 

I could feel myself smile to the memories of waking up beside her. It hadn't always been peaceful or relaxing to love her. Our love had been a hell of a rollarcoaster, but I had loved it anyway, and I had loved her anyway. 

I could hear my phone vibrate, and fast grabbed it from the nightstand that I had left it on. The display showed one of my favorite boys name; Niall. 

I didn't hesitate a second. If he knew about Emily, he would understand, and he only be there for me. I answered my phone, and moved it to my ear. "Hey Nialler," I said, and was being sure to talk in a low voice. "Hey!" He said through the phone. There were a few seconds of silence, "Umm... You called?" I said, and scratched my neck, while keeping my eyes on the sleeping beauty in front of me.

"Oh, yeah! Haha... Just wanted to ask what your plans were?" He said, and I could him messing around with something. "Right now? Well, you do remember Emily?" I didn't really ask, I knew he remembered her. "Emily, of course I do!" He said.

"She's staying here for some days... But if you want you can come over tomorrow, she has a bad hangover right now," I let one of my fingers caress I her cheek slightly, so that she wouldn't wake. 

Niall was quiet for some really long seconds, "Em? Emily? That Emily?" He asked, and I could hear that whatever he had been messing around with, had stopped making noise. 

"Yeah, that Emily... My old summer romance," 

"Oh. I knew you saw her some weeks ago, but I didn't know you were that close..." He mumbled. 

"It's complicated, I'll tell you all next time we hang. But do you wanna come over tomorrow?" I asked him. 

"Sure! I'd love to. And I really wanna see her again..." Niall all of sudden sounded less thoughtful. "Clara's here too," I said. 

"In your flat?" 

"No, she stays with Emily, where Emily lives, but Clara's with her cousin at the moment. I've only seen her one time, but we should really catch up all of us someday!" 

"Yes we should!" Niall's voice was sounding happy, "I'll talk to the boys! How long will they be staying?" 

"Umm... Don't know, but let's talk about this some other time! Just come tomorrow, okay?" 

"Of course! See ya!" 

"Bye!" I hung up, and slowly placed my phone on the nightstand. Niall was always nice to talk to, and I was excited to see Emily and him tomorrow. But for now I had her all by myself. 

She moved a little in the bed, and I crawled down under the duvet again. I didn't have to leave. And I didn't want to. So I just lay down beside her, while watching her, and placing my hand on her waist. She made a little noise, and moved closer to me. "Still tired?" I asked. Knowing that she wasn't fully asleep. A wryly little smile grew on her lips. Busted. 

"Just a little," She mumbled, and opened her eyes slowly, while winking a few times. "Wanna do something?" I whispered while moving my lips closer to her ear. Her wryly smile turned a bit more into a smirk, and she looked up at me, until our eyes met. "Like what?" She whispered. 

I pulled away from her, and shrugged my shoulders, "I don't know, we could watch some TV?" I said, while winking at her. "Come back," She hissed, and pulled up, putting her weight on her elbows. "Or else?" I chuckled, and raised my eyebrows. She stuck her tongue out, and sighed. "I'm not in the mood for playing games," She muttered. 

"No, really?" I smiled. "Shut up, and come back!" She muttered again. 

"Nja, think I'm gonna stay here, on the safe side," 

"So what you're saying is that I am... dangerous?" 

"Yup. As long as you're in that mood," 

"Excuse me?" She hissed, and glared deadly at me. I just laughed a little.

"I'm just kidding, babe," I said, and fast moved closer to her, while pressing her back down in the bed, so that her back once again touched the sheets. "So... What do you wanna do?" I asked. My face was terribly close to hers. "I could think of a lot of things," She said, and soon her lips got pressed against mine. I moaned in the back of my throat to the surprising touch. 

My hands grabbed onto the edge of the sweatshirt I had borrowed her, and I slid it a bit up, so that her stomach was exposed and naked. I broke the kiss, "That shirt really looks cute on you, but I'd rather see it on the floor right now," I groaned, and she just smiled, while slapping my hands away from her. She pulled the shirt over her head, and did what I had said. She threw it on the floor, and soon she surprised me again, but wrapping her hands around my neck, "So... What are you gonna do?" She asked, and I could feel her toothpaste breath on my skin. I didn't answer, instead I just crashed my lips against hers, while moving my hands under the back. She lifted her body a bit, to make this a little easier for me. In one easy move I unclasped her bra, and it was the second thing that fell to the ground. 

This seemed so unbelievable. She wasn't drunk, so I didn't know what to think. Maybe she was feeling something alike what I was feeling, or maybe she was just fucking crazy. I couldn't tell. 

"I've missed you so much..." She whispered in between the kiss. Maybe she wasn't that crazy. 

"Mmhm," Was the only sound I made, while forcing her lips a bit open, so that my tongue could make it's way into her mouth. We fought for dominance, but I won, like usually, and she slowed the kiss down a bit, while her hands moved down to my boxers. 

Once again I moaned back in my throat, and could feel my body heat up. She smiled a little, but didn't break the contact between our lips. 

She slid her hand down in my boxers, and I broke the kiss, while groaning in a way of telling her how much I craved her touch. 

She slid my boxers down my thighs, and down to my ankles, and I hurried to kick them off. Then it was her turn. I grabbed her wrist, and forced her hand away from my crotch. She looked confused. 

And opened her mouth, but stopped herself when I pulled her undies down, and let her take her turn to kick them of her ankles. 

Just having her this close to me felt like a dream. We were both naked, both craving each other. But there was something that made me feel like this wasn't just fucking... It was like making love. Like we had done. It was like being back 6 years ago. 

Yes, we were fast. No, we were not gentle. But still... Just being with her in this way, meant more to me, than it was supposed to. I maybe didn't show her in the way I would've done if we had been more slow, but I still felt every beat of my heart aching for her. I didn't find anything wrong in doing this... or well, except from that once fact that she was engaged

Well, fuck that. 

I smirked at her, and kissed the skin on her stomach, and moved my kisses further and further down. She tangled her fingers into my hair, and moaned even before I had done what I was about to do... 


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