Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


99. Long Goodbye

//OOBS: This is not the last chapter, there will one more (100 chapters), and then it'll be done and I will start Passion 3!



No one's P.O.V:

"There are going to be a lot of fans waiting and a lot of paps hoping to get some gossip out of all of you," Paul started, taking his time to look strictly at everyone. "No matter what - specially for you girls," He looked serious. Clara, Jessica and Emily all glanced nervously at each other. Paul was a man that no one lacked respect for. "Be careful what you say. In the matter of hours it could be on front pages, so if you get caught in a situation where it's easier to talk, think before you open your mouth". They all nodded.

"Don't scare them now," Niall said, with a smile. A chuckle escaped Paul's lips, but he didn't say anything. "We're fine," Jessica stated, sounding both sure and confident. "You've been through this before, Jess," Niall squeezed her hand.

"Wait - isn't this your first time?" Emily raised her eyebrows in confusion. Everyone except from Clara shook their head. "We met last time we were on tour, so-" Niall started, but Jessica cut him off, "So I was there to pick him up once he got home".  

Emily nodded, "I see."



"Harry, can I ask you something?" Clara said, just as he was about to jump out of the car. Just before everyone's eyes were supposed to turn to him. "Now?" He asked, knowing that he was expected to jump out. Clara nodded, and nervously tucked a sling of her blonde hair behind her ear. He thought about it for some seconds, then he took place beside Clara again. He smiled warmly at her, "You nervous?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "A little, but that's not what's on my mind." 

He wrinkled his forehead and gently placed a hand on her thigh,"What's bothering you?"

She had been wondering the whole trip in the limousine what to say and how to say it. She was unsure and it made her rather insecure. Some silent second passed until she spoke up, "What do you want me to say that we are?"

Harry's wrinkled forehead relaxed and he broke into a little smile, "You know how much I fancy you and how much you mean to me."

She blushed, "Right back at you, but... I don't know. I'm not sure if I really want people to know that we..."

"Are sleeping together? Are enjoying each others company? Possibly could be dating?" 


He shrugged his shoulders, "Then say what you want. Tell them that you and I are very close friends. You could come up with something like you see me as an older brother or something like that?"

"That's almost what Selena said about Justin years back," Clara giggled. 

Harry chuckled, "That's like eight years ago, no one will draw a line!"

"I can't say that. We used to date and dating my older brother would be, ugh," She shook her head, trying to get the image out. "You'll come up with something," Harry said before leaning in and softly pressing his lips against hers. They were caught up in the kiss for a few seconds until someone knocked on the toned window. Harry fast pulled away. He ran his fingers through his hair, and took a deep breath. 

"Better get out?" He suggested. 


He pressed down the handle, and made space for Clara to jump out first. Outside the sun was shining bright and the heat hit her like a wall. She had been thankful for the air-condition in the limousine. The boys had made it clear that they usually didn't drive limousines, but somehow they had decided to drive one that day, not that Clara complained, it was after all her first time in such a fancy car. The air was filled with the sound of screams, annoyed cops that were standing in front of the fences that kept the fans and their idols apart and the sound of flashing cameras and questions that were being asked chaotically. In the middle of the overwhelming entrance, she could feel Harry slip his hand around her waist from behind. As soon as the first fan caught a glimpse of him and shouted his name, the entire crowd started shouting, not exactly screaming, more like calling his name and shouting ''I love you's''.

"We're not dating, remember?" Clara mumbled, as she tried to sneak out of his grip without making it obvious to the people taking pictures. Harry glanced down at her and smiled, then he let go of her waist. "Let's go," He simply said. 

Louis was standing a few meters in front of them, signing pictures, hands, arms and anything that the few lucky fans in the front row asked for. He gave Harry a sign to come up to him, so Clara and him fast hurried up. Harry did the same, wrote some autographs and made sure to be as polite as possible, the fans were after all the ones who had put him in the position he was in. Clara was starting to feel nervous and when she glanced over to the other fence where Emily stood by Zayn's side, looking just as unsure as her, she told herself that it was okay. 

After five minutes of greeting the fans outside, some security showed up and replaced the police. They lead the band members and their girlfriends/friends inside of the airport. And as soon as the doors opened to Terminal 3, the same scene played all over again, except from the fact that this time they weren't able to stop and give autographs. The paparazzi's that were being held back by some security guards, were taking amounts of pictures. Emily hid her face with the hand that wasn't holding tightly onto Zayn's. 



After being led through backdoors and emergency exits they were finally where they were supposed to be. In a closed area of the airport, where only passengers who had payed for private jets were being led to. The boys had travelled with ordinary flights in the beginning of their carrier, but now it was a lot calmer for them to take their own flight, where they could calm down and get the final things done before they stepped out on another side of the world.



Zayn wrinkled his forehead. He was cupping Emily's face in his hands, "Are you sure that you want me to go?".

"You have to," She mumbled. A forced smile was painted on her lips. "I don't have to do anything," He mumbled, frustration starting to form inside of him. He looked pained and apologising. Like he somehow was apologising for his life, for not being able to be there. 

"Really, I will be just fine," She said and softly kissed him. "Now go on, they are waiting," She took a step back, and glanced over his shoulder. Paul was standing in the door, impatiently watching them. Zayn's arms hopelessly fell down by his sides. He nodded and took a step back, grabbing the bag he had placed on the floor. He slipped the strap over his shoulder and a saddened smile appeared on his lips, "You sure you'll be fine?"

Emily nodded, "Go on."

He took a deep breath, glanced over his shoulder to take a look at the plane and then he turned around, facing it. He slowly made his way towards the stairs that led up to the door. He placed his hand on the the handrail and took one step.

"Wait!" Emily stopped him in his tracks. He turned his head to look back at her. 

"I..." She took a deep breath. "I love you," She said. Not whispered, not mumbled, said. 

His heart managed to lift from his chest in that moment, and even though he was leaving, the sadness turned into happiness. She was looking directly at him, a soft smile on her lips and love in her big brown eyes. Fuck it. They can wait, He thought and dropped the bag on the staircase. He took the step down and walked up to her fast, cupped her face in his hands once again and crashed his lips against hers. 

Paul was tapping his foot against the top of the staircase, but wasn't much for interrupting them. 

Zayn pulled away, breathless and whispered, "Dammit, I love you too."



Stumbled through the long goodbye, one last kiss, then catch your flight.

Right when I was just about to fall.

I told myself; "Don't get attached," but in my mind I play it back.

Spinning faster than the plane that took you.


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