Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


14. Lonely?

Zayn's P.O.V:


Sitting in front of her brought back plenty lot of memories. It was like looking at her, and hearing her breathe, took me back to the summer nights, years ago. Like every little thing still was there. 

I could still hear the waves in the background, and I could still smell her shampoo, when I kissed her hair. I could still feel her tiny little hand in mine. And I could still feel the sand under our feet.

I never experienced a flashback like that before, but it was like every happy carefree moment of that sweet sweet summer came running through my mind. The little things that I was in love with. I felt such comfort, sitting in front of her. Like I was visiting a childhood place. Like I was home again. 

Just looking at her, filled me with such a sad happiness. A feeling that I couldn't place. 

She flipped some hair away from her shoulder, and back to her back. Her right shoulder was now naked. Showed a part of her tanned skin. I could almost feel the heat of it, if I just placed my hand on it. "How are you actually doing, Malik?" She asked, out of nowhere.

I just smiled at her, "Well... Perfectly actually. I'm totally free, single, and we - the boys and I - are still on top!" She just smiled back at me, but her eyes were not shining like her smile. "You don't miss a hand to hold, I guess." She said, and looked away from me, while taking a sip of her drink.

I swallowed, "Sometimes... It can get a bit... lonely," 

"Lonely? But you are surrounded by people all the time. You have a crowd of millions you could pick from," 

Lonely... But I was surrounded by people? Why did I then feel lonely sometimes? It didn't make sense. So I just shrugged my shoulders. 

"Not physically lonely," I joked, and she laughed. "I bet not. Mentally?"

"Umm... of course sometimes, I mean, it would be nice to have that rush of being madly carelessly in love, lik-" I stopped myself. 

"Like what?" She asked, and turned to look at me. I just shook my head, and smiled a little. A sad little smile. 

"I think that you should find someone, Malik." She took another sip, and another one. 

"Maybe, I'll give it a little time. I'm not in a rush," 

"I hope not," 


"Oh... no reason," 

Our eyes met, and it felt just like the summer, 6 years back. 



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