Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


9. Life as she knows it

One morning two weeks later, she was cooking some water for tea, English Earl Grey. Her favorite. The little yellow paper bags, with the british flag on, that she had millions of in one of the drawers. James was sitting with his laptop, lips pressed close and hard together, as his fingers moved fast over the keyboard. He was working. Some business thing, that Emily never truly understood why he would waste his time, doing. But well, why on earth should he understand why she would waste her time working at an all night pub? Where she got bad payed, for all her hard work. No one understood, not even Emily herself.

Sometimes she liked watching the birds, wondering why they didn't go anywhere they wanted, now that they luckily had the chance... But then she asked herself the same question. And found herself without an answer. 

Sometimes she wanted to quit the sucker job, that only kept her away from getting a real one. She was not bad in school, she could become a doctor if she wanted, but had never given it a chance, as soon as she had hit the road, in a age of eighteen. 

She never really believed that she would be anything special, but maybe an author. She wasn't bad at writing. People usually told her the opposite, that she was good. But every time she mentioned it, James laughed, and said that it was hopeless dreaming, probably mindless thinking, and that she never would be able to live of writing books. She believed him. 


While she found two cups, she glanced at James. His hair was already styled, lying a bit flat on his head, but not too much. He always looked so good. And his suit was hot. His suitcase was on the floor, which made her tummy feel heavy. She didn't want him to go. She wanted him to stay here, holding her.

"Want some tea before you leave?" She asked, and he looked up from the laptop screen, with a smile. "Sure babe, but make it fast!".

She just nod.

While he drank the tea, she leaned up against the drawers, resting her elbows on the kitchen desk, while watching him. His forehead was wrinkled, in that serious way, that business mens foreheads are. Soon he closed the laptop, slipped it into a cover, and put it in his suitcase. He looked up, and their eyes met. She faked a smile, trying not to look to upset by the fact that he was leaving her alone in this big house.  

Soon they were standing in the door. Him with his suitcase by his side, and wearing not but some sweatpants and a bra. 

"Babe, I'll be back in a little more than a week, I think..." He leaned closer to kiss her forehead, but she moved away, "You think?" She raised her eyebrows. "Work, you know. They can change their plans," He smiled innocently, and leaned closer again, but this time he attacked her lips. And she slowly kissed him back. He was always so careful. Too careful. 

He pulled away, kissed her forehead, said goodbye, and left her standing in the doorway, watching him, as his Taxi drove away. A sigh escaped her lips.

What was she supposed to do when James was gone? 

She got dressed for work, in a hurry, and left the house only 15 minutes later. 

That day at work, she worked hard, pleased everyone, got a few tips every now and then, but there was one thing that turned her mood a bit brighter... a phone call. 

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