Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


81. Letters, pleading and take away

Four days later



Emily's P.O.V:


"Zaaaaayn!" I shouted, as I grabbed the white envelope with my name on it. My excitement had went up the exact same second I had seen the letter. There was no doubt that it was Dean Lockwood. The man that I had met up with to discuss my business with, when it came to my writing. I must admit that I had been waiting for an emil, or a letter, and here it was. 

"I'm in the shower! Is it important?" He shouted back, and I could hear the water turn off. 

I didn't answer, and let my finger slide in under the piece of paper that held the envelope closed, and ripped it open. I let my fingers slip down in the envelope, and pulled the folded paper up. I put the envelope back down on the table, and gently opened up my letter.

I let my eyes run over the computerwritten words, but didn't bother to read it down to every detail. Cause soon Zayn's running footsteps were sounding down the hall...

I fast read the last part of the letter:


Like mentioned before my business will be moved to New York. 
We can still work together over the distance, but I would like to offer you an apartment on Manhatten.
Since it would be a lot easier to follow you through the process, when you are closer.
I do believe that this could be a great start of your own carrier.
I am partly working with New York Times, and I have spoken to them.
There are no doubts that they would like working with you as much as I would.  

If you still are interested in still working with me, I hope that you will consider this an option.


Dean L. Lockwood


Soon Zayn showed up  in the dining room, with only a towel around his torso and down. Covering his manhood, butt and thighs. "Are you okay?" He asked, while trying to catch his breath. I smiled a little to myself, but didn't glance at him. I kept my eyes on the letter.

"Oh... You're fine," He breathed out after some seconds of silence.

"Yeah," I mumbled. 

"I thought that you'd cut yourself or something..." He mumbled, and looked over my shoulder to get a glance at the letter, but I closed it before he looked at it, and put it down on the table. I turned around, so my back was against the big dinner table, and my front turned to him. "Cut myself?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

He looked a bit confused, until he realised what he just had said, and fast explained, "Well no! Not in that way, I mean... I thought you were cooking, or something, and I... Okay, doesn't matter, what is that you held before?"

"Aha... I thought so. About dinner, I was just about to start cooking, so do you have any wishes?" I asked, hoping that he would forget about the letter I had just held. I let my hands move down and placed them on his hips, while keeping eye contact with him.

"Is my favorite food, you, on the menu today?" He whispered, and bend down to kiss me, but I turned my head away, so that his lips collided with my cheek instead. I moved my hands away from his hips, and turned to look back up at him. His forehead was wrinkled in a confused, non-understanding way. "Your doctors said that you couldn't be sexually active the next month," I said, sounding determined. 

"Oh, come oon!" He pleaded, and let his right hand run down my exposed shoulder, and down my arm, to intertwine our fingers. "Zayn, no!" I said, and pulled my hand away from his, "No sex in a month". 

"Don't tell me that you will be able to keep that!" He said, as I pulled him backwards, so that I could step away from the dinner table. "I will, because I actually care about you health," I snapped, and turned away from him. 

I started making my way out of the big dining room, and into the kitchen to the right.

He followed me, "What if it's not sex... But we're making love? I mean, we're always making love. The doctors never said anything about that!" He kept on pleading, as he followed me into his kitchen. 

I placed my hands on the kitchen counter, and took a deep breath. I could feel him standing close to me, but didn't turn around to face him.

"Zayn, what if I were one of those girls who didn't want sex before marriage, would still you be with me?" I asked. 

"Of course I would! It's not because I can't live without sex, I can, bu-"

"No, Zayn, I think the problem is that you can't!" I turned around to face him, but was surprised to see that he wasn't standing as close as I had thought. He was standing at least two meters away from me. 

"I don't need to have sex with you, I just... I have had you in that way before, and that leaves me wanting more, because you're amazing, and... I just want you, how can that be bad?"

"I'm amazing, oh. So to you it's about how good one is? Not about the feelings, the passion, the love?" 

"I didn't mean it like that, you know that. Please don't do this," He sighed, and turned to look away from me, letting his eyes wander over the kitchen, like it all of sudden became interesting. We were silent for a while, until he looked back at me, and said: "If you don't want to have sex with me, then please, tell me"

"I do want to, badly, but I just don't think you understand how important it is that you keep calm the next month. Let's not make an argument out of this. We both want to have sex with each other, but we can't... Bad luck". 

He nodded, but his serious face didn't stay long, soon a  little smile grew in the corner of his lips, "But... That's not entirely true," He made eye contact with me, and took a step closer. "I can't have sex with you, which means that you can't do anything sexual that will make me heat up, bu-"

"I know where this is leading, and I don't know if-" I tried to interrupt him.

"Shyy, Em, don't ruin the moment." 

I remained quiet. 

"What if we just take care of you for this whole month?" His smile turned into a bigger smirk by each second that passed, and I don't think that it helped when my cheeks started heating up, tuning into a slightly rosa color. "You wouldn't mind that would you?" He was trying to seduce me, not that I was complaining. He was too good at knowing how to make me fall right into his trap. But he was beautiful, and he was turning me on. 

"Zayn, even though this is extremely... Heart warming, I must tell you that you sound like Chuck Bass," 

Zayn's smirk faded, and he wrinkled his forehead, "Heard the name before, but who is that?" 

"A character from my old favorite show,"

"Is that... Good?" He seemed confused. 

I shrugged my shoulder, and smiled at him, "Well, he was one of my favorite characters, bu-" 

"Then it's good, and please stop ruining the moment," Zayn smiled again, and stepped closer to me, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. "You are the by far the man that have turned me on the most my whole life," I whispered, before I pulled up on my tiptoes and planted a fast kiss on his lips, not giving him time to deepen it. 

"But it's time for dinner, and you should get dressed. You are still dripping with water," I smiled, and playfully pushed him backwards. "That is so not fair!" He complained, and tried to wrap his arms around me again, but I sneaked away from him, and grabbed the edge of his towel, where I pulled it, so it fell down his ankles, exposing him. 

I couldn't help myself, and started laughing. He fast realised how we played the game, and took a step closer to me, making me wail out, and run across the room, afraid that he would catch me. But he didn't stop. 

He chased me around the kitchen, until he grabbed me from behind, making me scream and laugh. 

"EW! You are naked! Get off me!" 

He just laughed and tightened his grip, while planting a kiss on my neck, making me stop screaming and trying to get out of his grip. I relaxed, and said in a serious tone, "No sex, Malik!"

I could hear him sigh, but then he let me go, and gave me a chance to turn around and face him. "Okay," He simply said. 

"Okay?" I mumbled, not sure if I had heard right. 

"Yeah. If you say no sex, then there will be no sex. Why don't we just rent a movie, and chill out on the bed?" 

"But... Oh, okay" I was surprised, "But what about dinner?"

"Let's order some. You like Thai right?" He asked, and grabbed my hand. I nodded, and pulled up on my tiptoes to plant a kiss on his cheek, when I felt his  body against my clothes, and realised that he was naked. "Put on some boxers at least, I'll find a movie," I smiled, and squeezed his hand, before letting it go, and turning around, making my way out of the kitchen, through the dining room, down the hall, and into his big bedroom. 


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