Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


41. James on the line

Zayn's P.O.V:


When the light broke through my windows, and Emily's ringtone blew up... That's when I woke up for real. It was no longer dark outside. I remembered that we had been awake at night, so I didn't any clue about what the clock was now. Which meant that Niall had called me at night? Yeah, he had. So tomorrow, it was tomorrow right? Yes... Tomorrow he would come over. 

Emily reached out for her phone, and checked the display. She sat straight up, glanced at me, and rushed out of bed, and then she picked up, while searching for her clothes, that were spread all over the floor. "Hey babe," Her sweet voice sounded. And it hit me hard when I realised who had called her.

"I'm alright, missing you," She smiled at the ground, and I could hear her giggle at something he said. "So... How is it?" She asked, and reached down for some of her undies. "Great! When will you be back?" I was frustrated over the fact that I couldn't hear what James said, so I had to guess. 

"Woah, already?" Her face dropped, and she looked up at me. I just wrinkled my forehead,

"No, no, that's perfectly fine! I can't wait to see you again, and hold you, and kiss you, and- Oh, hahahaha," She smiled at the ground once again, while pulling her undies on, with one hand.

"Yeah, she's outside, but I'll tell her you said hi," 

I kept quiet. 

"Awwe baby, that's so sweet of you!" She grabbed the white tanktop she had arrived in yesterday. "I'll be sure to wait for you, but Clara will still be here," 

"Great, that's perfect." She slipped the tank top over her head, and had to remove the phone from her ear, then she put it back, "Sorry, didn't hear what you said.. repeat?" 

And he repeated it. "Oh my god, that's amazing! And sure, have fun the next days, and remember to take plenty lots of pictures! Yeah, I love you too... SOO much. Mmhm, bye."

She hung up, with a smile, and threw the phone in my bed. Her eyes were shining, and she fast took a look in the mirror to check if she looked alright, and she did, she always did.

But still she sighed at what she saw, and her eyes wandered back to me, where I sat in the bed, with my eyes drawn to her, and my heart aching in my chest.

"Morning," She whispered, and glanced at the phone, and then back at me. I just nod at her, and lay down again. "Zayn?" She asked, and I could hear her steps come closer. I shut my eyes, and pulled the duvet over me, so only my head was showing. I felt like a little kid. Wanting to hide away.

The bed moved a little, and she lifted the duvet, and slid under it. "I can't stay that long," She whispered.

I know. 

"But we can see each other again?" 

Why can't you just stay?

"Baby?" Her sugar sweet voice asked, and my heart melted. She kissed my cheek, and my eyes fluttered a bit, and then I opened them. I looked at her, my eyes begging her to stay. 

"I'll have to go soon,"

"Not now?" I sounded like a helpless kid, but frankly.. I didn't care. 

She shook her head, "Tomorrow," 

"So you're staying today, and tonight?" My soul lighted up at bit, and covered the pain a little. 

She nodded, and planted a quick and soft kiss on my lips. 



That day I took her out, we went around in town, shopped a little, hid from the paps, and ate at a restaurant for dinner. This was how I had wanted to be with her... Except that we couldn't act in love, while we were in public. She was treating me friendly, and talked about everything between heaven and earth. We laughed a lot that day. And the closer I got to her, the more I realised she meant to me.

She had shined like fireworks over my sad empty town. But now that little town, had got a whole new sunlight. A light that shined when she smiled, when she laughed, and the fireworks that exploded when we kissed. I loved to think back, even though it hurt me. Cause I weren't able to call her mine, but the pain was still addictive. 

I guess I was in love with the thought of us.  

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