Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


57. Is he alright?

"What the fuck?" Zayn muttered, and pushed himself up in a sitting position. His head pounding badly, and the world was spinning in front of him. He did known the two guys in front of him, but was not in the mood for having them here. "Zayn?" Niall asked, and Zayn's eyes turned to look at the blonde boy, but they couldn't concentrate on him. Everything was spinning, and he didn't feel good. Maybe some more of the vodka would help, so he reached out for the vodka bottle on the table, but cursed loudly when he realised that it was empty. He didn't notice the vodka on the table and the carpet, he only noticed that the bottle was empty. "What's going on?" Louis asked, and placed a hand on Zayn's shoulders. He just muttered something that none of them understood. His words were extremely slurred. "Mate... Seriously," Niall said, and pushed Zayn's legs a bit aside so that he could sit on the couch. "I'm fine," Zayn managed to say. His clothes were all wet, and nasty. He wrinkled his nose, and when his stomach started turning, he fast tried to get up from the couch, but was too drunk and ended up falling out, and hitting the coffee table with his head. Right over the eye, on the bone under the eyebrow. He wailed out in pain, and rolled down on the floor, where he lay wailing some more. The two other boys made eyecontact and sighed, they had seen Zayn like this one time before, drunk and stupid. But what they didn't know was what made him be like this. This time he was not just stupid, he was broken.


Emily's P.O.V:


"Is he alright?" I asked, panicking. Harry had just received a call from a serious and worried Louis. They had found Zayn in his flat, pretty wasted. I couldn't help but feeling guilty. I should've at least given him a reason, but I guess I never thought he'd take it this far. Once again I got reminded of what a terribly person I was. If I had told him why I left, if I had been honest with him, maybe he would've understood. It was unbelievable to think that it all happened for six days ago, tomorrow one week.
Harry nodded as he slid his jacket on. He had been trying to calm me down every since he had hung up the phone. "Are you sure you're not coming?" Harry asked, and smiled a little wry smile at me. "Yes... I can't, but promise to tell me everything when you get home," I whispered, and bit my lower lip. He nodded. Of course I couldn't come with him. I couldn't place my feet in Zayn's flat again, just to see him miserable. That would not be good for anything. Even though I wanted to check up on him, I had decided not to. I didn't have any right to walk back like nothing happened. 

After Harry left his flat I just paced back and forth, going out of my skin. It was stupid, I know. Zayn wasn't in life danger or anything, but I was still worried. A part of me felt mad at him for being stupid enough to do what he was doing. How dared he to waste his days away like that? He was so much better than that. He should've forced himself to go out, have fun, meet beautiful girls, and try to realise that I never would come back. Cause I wouldn't. But even though I wouldn't, didn't mean that I didn't want to, cause I had been wanting to see him badly, every since I had arrived to London again. The city reminded me of him, and our nights wrapped in his blankets. I let myself sink down on the couch, and leaned my back against the backrest. I could imagine how Zayn's flat looked, and it didn't look good in my head. Maybe I should give him a call, or grab a cap to his flat now. Maybe it would help. I tried to find the reasons to do it, but all the reasons were only cause my guilt, not because he needed me. I had promised myself not to be the reason for anyone's pain, ever again, and I was going to try to keep that promise. 


//OOBS: Sorry for a short chapter, hope it's okay. 
Please tell me what you think, I love to read your comments, they mean A LOT to me. 

I have a friend that writes the movella called; Yours Truly, if you haven't heard of it, check it out, it's really good. Her name is HarrysCurls. (She don't update much, but she's still an excellent writer). 

Update on my life: It's much of a rollarcoaster lately, with the family and stuff, so I'm again sorry if I don't update a lot. And then I'm really excited about tomorrow (monday 5th November), cause I'm going to be ready to get Lana Del Rey tickets, AND my friend will try to get us One Direction tickets as well! I hope I get all of the tickets, that would be so freaking awesome. - Well that was actually not important to any of you guys, but I just felt like telling you. 

But back to my story...

I have a lot of things that's happening behind what you can see/read, but you'll find out later.

And now E is feeling guilty, but thinks that it's best if she stays away from Z, what do you think of E's choice, aaaand will she be able to keep it?
Oh, and C... She's not forgotten, actually she's really important right now, but only I know why, jeez I feel cool keeping secrets from you guys (lol, jk).




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