Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


94. Interrupted

Emily's P.O.V:


I woke up with a terrible illness and a headache that felt like someone over and over again punched the side of my brain. My eyes fluttered open as I reached my hands out to touch the skin of Zayn, but only bedsheets met my fingertips. The bed that I was lying in seemed familiar at some point, yet it was neither of the beds I was used to wake up in. It was a double bed with white sheets, in a room that looked like it only was being used for guests. It was big and had huge windows with open curtains. I let my eyes wander around the room, until I accidentally looked at the window, where the sun shined through. I fast covered my eyes with my right hand and groaned displeased. 

I wasn't in the mood for leaving the room, but with a body that felt as nasty as mine I didn't have a choice. I forced myself up in a sitting position, while I fought to ignore the sharp pain coming from my head. I was covered in a layer of sweat, and with every breath I took I felt as if I was going to vomit. It felt even worse than having a fever or a bad flu and something about my naked body made me fear that I had a lot to regret from last night. I couldn't remember anything really, only that I had laid down on Harry and since then... Nothing. It scared me not to know what had happened or what could've happened. It was like there was a black hole missing, like someone removed that part of my memory. That 'someone' was called alcohol. 

The more awake I got the more clear things started to feel and I soon realised that I heard voices from the other side of the closed door. My aching head wasn't able to catch what the two persons where talking about, but it seemed like they didn't get along very well. They didn't shout, they just talked in loud and frustrated voices. I sat on the edge of the bed listening for a few seconds, until another cramp tied my stomach together, begging me to vomit. I fast pressed my hand against my mouth, and fought the illness. 
I had to reach a bathroom before I would let myself vomit any of yesterdays liquid up, so that became my next goal. I clumsily stumbled out of bed, still slightly drunk from last night. I slipped on a pair of undies and found Zayn's white shirt lying under my dress. I wasn't in the mood for slipping my dress on, so I just put on his shirt and closed most of the bottoms. 

I was too caught up in the thought of getting to the bathroom, so as I made my way through the bedroom, heading towards the door, I had forgotten all about the voices coming from the hall. My pounding head and urge to vomit gave me enough to think about. I placed my hand on the gold metal handle on the white door and slowly pressed it down. As the door swung open, four eyes turned to look at me. One pair belonged to Zayn and the other pair to Harry. Harry that looked as if he just had been about to say something, slowly closed his mouth and glanced at Zayn before looking back at me. 

"Not now, Emily," Zayn muttered and let his eyes run from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, "Go back to bed, okay?"

I wrinkled my forehead, realising that I had interrupted something. "Zayn, don't take this out on he-" Harry started, but Zayn's deadly glance made him shut his mouth. I didn't say anything, I just stared at Zayn in surprise. He hadn't spoken to me like that before, like I was a child that he had the power over. Like he could tell me what to do. Like I was his - but in the way I didn't want to be, in the way that made him own me. A silence was lying over us as I didn't make a move and as the boys were caught in a moment where they weren't supposed to be caught. 

"I need the bathroom," I mumbled, breaking the heavy silence. 

"Oh," Harry and Zayn said in sync. "Are you feeling ill?" All of sudden Zayn's attitude changed, and he looked somehow worried. I just nodded. "Hangover?" Harry asked, and wrinkled his forehead slightly. I nodded once again. 

Harry glanced down the hall, at the open door to one of his bathrooms, and I could tell that he wanted to tell me or ask me something, but before he opened up his mouth he took a glance at Zayn, and that made him keep his mouth closed. "Come here," Zayn reacted his arms out for me, and I didn't hesitate to step closer to him, letting him wrap his arms around me. As my head hit naked chest I slowly shut my eyes and breathed in deeply. He smelled of alcohol and smoke, there was also a thick warm smell hanging over him. 

"I'll go back to the kitchen..." Harry awkwardly said, "We'll talk later, okay?"

Zayn looked at him and nodded, "Okay". He seemed a lot less tense as Harry disappeared into the living room. 

"Let's get you fixed, love," He mumbled before placing a soft kiss in my hair. A smile grew on my lips as I pressed my body closer to his. "My shirt looks good on you," He mumbled just before pulling away. 


Harry's P.O.V:


I found myself joining Nick, Clara, Juliet, Lucas and Louis in the kitchen. They were talking about last night, cracking up in laughs from the memories. I silently sat down on a chair around the little breakfast table, not bothering to join their conversation. My thoughts were circling around something different. I was slightly frustrated with Zayn and his ways of believing that he somehow owned Emily. She was his girlfriend, but he seemed jealous every time I laid my eyes on her. It was wrong in every possible way, mostly because I cared for Emily a lot and we got along extremely well. She had started to mean a lot to me, and I wanted her in my life, but that didn't seem to be okay when it came to Zayn. The thing was just that he didn't have a problem with any of the other boys and Emily talking, but as soon as Emily and I were alone something snapped inside of him, and he had to pull her away from me. Like he feared that I would steal her away from him. I just wondered how the thought had gotten into his head, how he on earth could imagine me taking Emily from him. 

Last night hadn't meant anything, and I did understand what Zayn had meant when he had said that he wasn't much for me being the same room as Emily, if she would have to be naked, but there was something that Zayn didn't realise; That I couldn't care less about seeing Emily naked. She was my friend and I only wanted to help her yesterday, I was trying to get a view of her. But as soon as she had dropped her dress and bra I had of course let my eyes wander down her body, it was something that I couldn't control. I did understand that Zayn had felt uncomfortable, but he had to stop acting as if she was his award and like no one else could be with her. It was her life and if he started making this a routine he wouldn't be able to keep her for long. 

Actually the thought of Emily being in love with Zayn, seemed weird. They had met in '12, but to see her now - almost seven years later - still holding so tightly onto him as he had his arms wrapped around her little body, seemed to strange. To see her eyes light up when he just had kissed was a thing I enjoyed. I enjoyed seeing her happy, and I enjoyed seeing him happy. I liked the thought of Zayn wanting to go through hell for this one girl, it made me see a side of him I had come to like. 

Except from the sudden jealousy, I wasn't a fan of that side. 

But Zayn was a good guy, a guy that I loved deeply and Emily was just as good, maybe a bit more complicated - but it had it's charm. Her madness had made Zayn fall deeply in love with her, so she had to do something right. 

As much as I loved Zayn, I feared that this complication between Emily, Zayn and I would become a problem - maybe a bigger one than I had imagined. 

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