Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


64. I don't like you

Emily's P.O.V: 


I wrapped my jacket around my body, as a cold breeze made me shiver. He clearly noticed, and put his arm around my shoulder. I breathed in deeply, and pressed myself closer to him, without stopping us from walking. I breathed the smell of him in. The smell of his Chanel perfume, cologne and cigarette smoke. The nicest smell on this planet, it was definitely his. I had my arm around his waist, and I felt safe. I didn't know where we were heading, we were just walking. Walking on the streets of London, without any direction. I closed my eyes for some seconds and let him lead the way, but when my eyelids turned red, from a light, I fast opened up my eyes again. Another sharp light lighted up, and I fast put my left hand up to cover my eyes. I could hear Zayn sigh. Another light, followed by another one. I slowly removed my hand and looked in the direction of the flash. A man with a camera, probably in the 40's were walking backwards, some meters in front of us, while taking pictures of us. I could feel Zayn's grip tighten around my shoulders, and he pressed me closer to him. He seemed afraid that I would let go of him. "Bloody hell," He cursed under his breath. The guy started walking slower and slower, until we'd got close to him. "Zaaayyn," He said, almost singing out the name. 

"How's your date?" The guy asked, and there was not doubt that what he was holding not only was a camera, also a video camera. I felt insecure about the attention, specially when two others ran up to us, from behind. I turned my head, and got blinded by another sharp light. "You guys, don't you have anything better to do?" Zayn asked, clearly annoyed. I tried to avoid eye contact with the man that was filming. "I see you've gotten a good piece of meat," The man said, and looked down at me. I felt my heart stop being for a second, and then my stomach turned with disgust. What kind of people would say stuff like that? "Can you please fu- ... Leave us alone?" Zayn asked, and started walking faster, but it didn't help. "Can I please fuck off?" The man asked, and a smile spread across his face. "Yeah, I don't like you." Zayn said, straight forward. I grabbed onto a bit of his coat, and breathed deeply in again, through my nose. One of the persons with cameras that had been coming from behind grabbed my shoulder, and I gasped loudly in shock. I was not used to random people touching me. Zayn turned his head, and stared the man behind us down. "Are your parents proud of what you do?" He asked, trying to act calm, but I knew him too well. He was pissed. 
"Yes, my parents are very proud of me," The guy that had grabbed my shoulder said, and the guy in front of us, that was half running half walking, was filming the scene. They both smiled. "Oh sure, they're proud that you put down other people, and mess up other people's lives?" Zayn asked. 
I didn't like the atmosphere that was spreading over us, like a heavy cloud. I swallowed hard. "P-Please guys... Ca-Can't we just be a-alone," I stuttered nervously, and looked up at Zayn, that turned to look at me. "Yeah, can't we?" He asked, and looked away from me, and at the guy with the video camera. But the guy was looking at me, "You must be Zayn's new girlfriend, how old are you - 18?" The man asked, and gave me a superior smile. "She's 22, and we-" Zayn started out, but I interrupted him, "And we're not dating." 

I could feel Zayn's hand grab my shoulder a bit tighter. "You're not dating?" The third man asked us, "So you're just fuck buddy's?" He asked, and a wry smile grew on his lips. Zayn's grip around my shoulders tightened even more. He speeded even more up, and started walking faster. The man with the camera smiled, and pressed the 'power' button. "Thanks for the nice words, Malik!" He said, before giving Zayn the finger. 
I could tell that Zayn tried to ignore it, and I locked my eyes on the ground. I felt upset about the situation. "ZAYN!" One of the men shouted from behind, but he ignored them. "YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS FUCKING UGLY!" The other man shouted. 
Zayn stopped walking. A removed his arm from me. He slowly turned around, and stared at the two men. "Z-Zayn, it's nothing... It's fine," I whispered, and grabbed his arm, but he shook my hand away from him. "No it's not fucking fine," He hissed. I stood frozen on the sidewalk as he slowly walked up to the two men. "You guys spend your time on insulting others, how mature!" Zayn spit out, and I could see his fists close hard, but he kept them by his sides. "I'm being honest dude, she looks like a trashy ass whore," The guy that hadn't said it started laughing, and Zayn looked at him. I wondered why everyone had video cameras? The words that had slipped out of the man's mouth hit me harder than I wanted to admit. "She's fucking beautiful, and you're just jealous because you can't get in someone half as hot as her's pants!" Zayn said, and stared both of them down. "Keep on talking," The man with the camera said. "I'd rather not. Have an awful night," Zayn said, and turned around. 

He walked up to me, grabbed my hand, leaned closer to me, "I'm sorry... Don't listen to them. Like I said before, you're utterly beautiful." 

I could see another flash coming from behind. But I didn't mind this time, "You'll have to say that," I giggled, but felt my cheeks turn warmer and redder. 

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