Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


42. I can't let you be

No one's P.O.V:


She left him. Not exactly happy. He felt miserable when she walked away, but he knew that she would return in not very long. So that one little light of hope kept his chin up.
She picked up James in the airport, and he had kissed her lips. They had felt happy. 

Emily and James went back to living, their normal - and not that exiting - life. 

She went on with working in the shitty pub, and James kept on being busy. They had a relationship that she would've hated, if she hadn't been so blind to what really was going on. She had dinner ready when he came home, they ate, talked. Then he had to work some more, which meant writing some emails, and checking things out. While he did that Emily usually cleaned the kitchen, took a shower, and locked herself into the bathroom... Or she did that every since she had left Zayn's flat. She usually bend over the sink, and watched herself in the mirror. She could almost imagine him behind her, placing his hand on her back, while getting ready to go to bed. But he wasn't there. 

She found herself missing him. Even at night when she was lying beside her sleeping financé. She found herself missing all those crazy things they had done. She could hear the echoes of his voice, spinning in her head. 

And one day, one month after James' return, she had gotten a too big urge to fight it. She packed her bags, and told him that she would just visit some of her friends. Then she took the next train to London, showing unexpected up at his front door. He hadn't been home, so she had just sunken down on the floor, waiting for him to come home. 

He had smiled as he had seen her there, sitting outside his door. Lost like a puppy in the rain. She had smiled at him, but he had seen the confusing and the emotional pain in her eyes. So he held her closer than ever, cause she needed him.

A drop in the ocean. A change in the weather. 

I was praying that you and me might would end up together. 

He lighted some candles, laid down on the couch. Pulled out an old book, about love. A book that he had read since the day she had left his flat. He had turned the fireplace on. Not with wood, but simply just by pressing a button. Outside it was dark, and rain was sounding loudly against the cold glass window. 

It is like wishing for rain, as I stand in the desert. 

But I'm holding you closer than most, cause you are my heaven. 

She showed up in the door, barefoot and in a big comfy christmas sweater. One of those old ones, this was probably from the 70's or 80's. A smile grew in the corner of his lip. He pulled up a bit, made space for her to sit down. She smiled shyly, and took a silent step closer to him. He could tell that she was insecure, so he reached his hand out for her, and let her feel welcome. 

I don't wanna waste the weekend, 

if you don't love me.

She sank down in the couch, in front of him. She pulled her legs up under her and wrapped her arms around them. He let his hand fall back down by his side, but he smiled softly at her. She managed to force a little smile. He turned his eyes back to the book. She watched him as he read the words written on the white paper. She liked to watch the way the expression in his eyes changed, when he read. She felt safe sitting in the other end of the couch. She felt safe being close to him, without being close to him. It was like she loved the way she could feel so happy in a calm way, when she was around him. 

I can't let you be. 

Most nights I hardly sleep. 

He could feel her eyes on him, but didn't bother to look up. He liked to know that she was in the room. He could feel the connection, without talking to her or seeing her. She let her tongue run over her lips, to moisten them. "You're really great," She whispered softly, and kept staring at him. His eyes turned to look from the pages of the book, to her face. A little smile played on his lips, but he didn't say anything. Her eyes were warm brown, a deep chocolate. They melted his heart.

England as the leaves change. 

This wont be the last kiss that I'll claim. 

He turned to look back at the book, and she smiled a little to herself. She stretched her legs a bit, and let her feet touch his ankles. He was wearing some black jeans, some white socks, and a grey t-shirt. Her feet caressed his foot. She moved a bit closer to him, not only her feet, but whole her body as well. He again looked up from the book, and this time he widened his eyes, and raised his eyebrows. He put the book down, and moved in a different position, and then he reached his arms out for her. She crawled closer to him, and let herself rest her head on the place right under his collarbone, as he filled out the empty spaces between her fingers, with his fingers. They lay on the couch in silence. He kissed the hand that he held onto. 

Heaven doesn't seem far away anymore.

No, heaven doesn't seem far away.

"I think I might just quit my job," She whispered, and yawned. He was studying her face, and smiled when the words escaped her mouth. "Sounds like a good idea," He whispered back. She nodded, and closed her eyes slowly, while yawning again. "Tired?" His voice was soft, and made her even more sleepy. "Mmhm," Was all she managed to say.
"Wanna go to bed?" 
She shook her head a little, and moved a bit, so that she could come a bit closer to him. Even though she already was lying in his arms. "Can you please sing a song?" She mumbled, in a sleepy voice. He would do anything she asked him, and that's why he started singing in a slowly and softly voice.
His voice sounded like heaven to her. And she could feel herself getting warmer by listening to the words he sang.

The song was called; A Drop In The Ocean - Ron Pope.    



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