Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


46. How will I know?


James' P.O.V:


I was pacing back and forth on the kitchen floor. My eyes were turned to the ground, and my hands were behind my back. Whenever she left, she left me restless and empty. I missed her the second she walked out the door. My heart was aching for her. 
I couldn't help but look out the door, into the hall. Hoping to see her there. 
My phone was lying on the kitchen desk, and the urge to call her, and hear her sweet voice again, was almost irresistible. I sighed displeased, and stopped walking so restless around. I placed my elbows on the wooden kitchen desk, and rested my head in my hands. I guess it was silly of me to already miss her, but the house seemed to empty when she wasn't here. It was like she filled a lot, not in a bad way. Not at all. She filled a lot, perfectly enough in my life. A bottle of wine stood on the dinner table, unopened. I would've opened it if she had been here. 
I closed my eyes for a minute, and thought about our memories. A smile spread across my face, and I slowly opened my eyes. The phone was still lying there, calling out my name. 
I couldn't fight the feeling anymore. I just needed to know that she was there. Maybe it sounds stupid or desperate, but I loved her so, and just wanted to let her know. I reached out for the phone, and stood with it in my right hand for some long seconds, hesitating. My background was a picture of us when we had visited my family. It was a lovely picture. Her brown hair fell from her head, with slight curly waves. Like it did when she let it dry naturally. I smiled again to myself, and dialed her number. Then I pressed; Call, and waited. Beeb....... Beeb...... Beeb...... Beep..... Beep..... Beep, 

"Hi, it's Emily, I'm not able to answer the phone right now. But you're welcome to leave a message after the tone, or send a text." 


I sighed and removed the phone from my ear. She was probably sleeping. But it didn't seem like her not answer the phone, she always did. Still I didn't think more about it, I just decided to leave a text message saying; 

Hey love.
Just wanted to tell you that I love you. 
I'm not sure if you're asleep or not. 
But like I said... I love you, and I can't wait for you to come back home.
Hope you're having fun with the girls! 
Call me if you have the time, or at least send a text... 
Miss you, J. 

I don't use that text language, not in an age of 27. That seems too weird for me. I pressed send, and slipped my phone down in my pocket. Maybe I should call Ryan today, and plan on going to some pub or something. 
Yeah, it seemed like a good idea. 



Zayn's P.O.V:


I wrapped my arms around her shoulders from behind, and pulled her close to me. My crotch against her bum. I kissed her neck, and could hear her moan out in a low voice. "Stop teasing, Malik," She muttered, and turned the pancake. I kissed her neck again, right at the spot under her ear. She made a pleased sound, but I could tell that she tried to ignore me. 
She finished the pancake, and left it on top of the fifteen others. Then she poured some floating dough on the hot pan. 
I left another kiss on her neck, and then I sucked on it. Left a hickey, and left her moaning. "I'm trying to focus," She hissed, and tried to sneak out of my grip, but I held onto her tighter. I wasn't letting go. "Mmm," Was my response, and my hands sneaked around her waist instead of shoulders. My hands opened the button in her jeans, pulled the zipper down. I could feel her body freeze, as I let my hand slip down her pants. "Malik!" She said, in a serious tone. "Schyy..." I said in her ear. She sneaked out of my grip and turned around, facing me. Our bodies were still close, and I had her up against the kitchen counter. "I'm actually trying to make us breakfast," She looked straight into my eyes, and was about to close the zipper in her pants, when I slapped her hand away, and slid my hand down in them again. Rubbing her through the material of her undies. She bit her lip, but didn't do anything to stop me. "Jump," I whispered, and placed my free hand under her bum, while helping her up on the counter, beside the stove. She leaned her head back, and let me slip her jeans down, with the hand that wasn't working her clit through her undies. She kicked her jeans of her ankles, and wrapped a hand around my neck, to pull me closer. She spread her legs wide, and pulled me in between them. I was standing on the floor, and she was sitting on the kitchen counter. I moved my hand away from her undies, and let my arms sneak around her waist. Our foreheads were resting against each other. We were that close. For some seconds we just gazed into each others eyes, until her lips touched mine. Actually they were barely touching. It wasn't a kiss. She was just teasing me. Her eyes were still open, I could see that when I opened mine a little. Then I shut my eyes again, and this time I pressed my lips against hers. She moaned slightly, and kissed me back with the same passion. 

There's a girl I know. 

She's the one I dream of. 

Looks into my eyes, takes me to the skies above. 

I lose control, can't seem to get enough.

When I wake from dreaming, tell me it is really love.

How will I know? - Don't trust your feelings

How will I know? - Love can be deceiving. 

But how will I know if she really loves me? 

I send a prayer with every heartbeat.

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