Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


90. Hold on, lover

We stumbled backwards, my arms still thrown around his neck and his lips still pressed against mine desperately, like I was the oxygen he needed to survive. We had somehow managed to make our way from the kitchen to the hall, where I now clumsily was trying to push up the door into Zayn's bedroom. He groaned in the back of his throat as I let my fingers grab onto the slings of his hair that he hadn't cut for a while. Soon my back got pressed lightly against his bedroom door that instantly flew wide open. As we stumbled inside Zayn didn't waste a single second, his hands sneaked down to the edge of my shirt. I stepped back, breaking the kiss, raising my arms above my head letting him pull of my shirt and he did. As soon as my shirt was lying on the floor he pulled me closer, removing the space between our bodies. It was not easy to untie the strings of his sweatpants with the minimal space between us, but somehow I succeeded and his sweats loosened. While I had been busy loosening his sweatpants, he had pulled off his t-shirt and it was now thrown in the growing pile of clothes on the floor. I once again backed away from him, to get a proper look at his exposed body. 
My eyes wandered from his face down to his neck and his chest where they ran over the tan inked skin. He had added a few more tattoos over the past six years, a few more that I hadn't touched yet. I slowly raised my hand and let my fingertips trace over his chest tattoos, his collarbones and his shoulders. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. 


Zayn's P.O.V: 


Her fingers traced over my skin, leaving it burning. I was trying to breathe normally as her fingers moved further down my body, traced down my abs and down to the edge of my boxers. My heart was racing in my chest and my body was burning with desire. She circled her finger over my v-line tattoo for some seconds until she let her fingers run further down. I could feel her grab onto the edge of my sweatpants and slowly begin to pull them down. The further down she pulled them, the harder it was for me to just stand still with closed eyes and let her do the job. I could tell that she wanted to and that she didn't mind taking it slow, but I had other things in mind and soon I wasn't able to control myself any longer. As the pants fell down to my ankles I roughly kicked them off and opened up my eyes, just to find Emily standing in front of me in her bra and skintight jeans. My eyes fast ran up and down her body and without any hesitation I took a step closer to her, once again removing any possible space between us. She looked somehow nervous, not a lot, just slightly nervous. I bend down and crashed my lips against hers once again, clearly taking her by surprise. After a few seconds she kissed me back, wrapped her arms around my neck once again. She parted her lips slightly and let her tongue fight for dominance with mine. I let my hands run down her body and down to the underside of her thighs. I lifted her up easily and let her wrap her legs around my waist as I took three steps closer to the bed and let us fall. 

A whimper escaped her lips as I easily unzipped her jeans and forcefully sneaked my hand inside of her undies. She broke the kiss only to hide her face in the crook of my neck, kissing my skin as she tried to hide her moans. I chuckled to myself when I realised that once again I was going to be taking control. 


I'm here for your entertainment. 



I woke up by the sun shining through my windows, with her legs intwined with mine and her naked body spread across my sheets. Her eyelids left tiny shadows on her cheeks, her lips were slightly parted and her hair was spread out wildly, making her look beautiful in the most peaceful way. She always looked the most beautiful when she wasn't all fancied up. When she wasn't wearing the slightest bit of make up and when she didn't dress herself up in her most fancy clothes. She looked the most beautiful to me when she just woke up and her eyes slowly fluttered open, when she was naked in my bed or maybe when she sat with me at 2 a.m with tried eyes, talking about everything, from good to bad. When we laughed and cried. 

I let my eyes wander over her body and face, only to feel a smile grow on my lips. She looked like a child, so innocent and unaware. She actually looked carefree and fragile.

I sighed happily and snuggling closer to her, wrapping my arm around her waist and hiding my face in the crook of her neck. I could feel her body stiffen for a second and then it relaxed in my arms. I had woken her up. She snuggled closer to me, until we were spooning fully and her bum was pressed against my crotch where I hoped that my ''morning hard-on'' wasn't dragging too much attention. Happily she seemed to be aware of the fact that waking up with a hard-on wasn't anything men could help, so she didn't comment on it. Actually I would've believed that she still was asleep if it wasn't because she just had snuggled closer to me the second before. 

I kissed her hair before whispering, "Morning, love." 

"Shyy, I'm sleeping," Was what she whispered back. I smiled to myself and wrapped my arms closer around her. Soon she fell asleep in my arms, and I decided that it wouldn't hurt to stay in bed for another two hours if that was how long she decided to sleep. I kissed her hair once again before closing my eyes and letting reality sink it. She was here, in my arms. It seemed so far from real, but somehow it was and it was hard to understand. I would love her until the end of time, no matter what happened to us in the future. No matter what, I would always love her... Cause after all she was the first person to ever steal my heart away like that. 

Just before I let myself drift into sleep again I mumbled down in her hair, "I love you."    


//OOBS: Sorry for a rushed chapter that didn't turn out that well. I wanted to update since it's been so long, but this didn't turn out that well. Sorry again. I hopefully think that the next chapter will be longer and less rushed. 

Love you guys, and thanks for the lovely and helpful comments - you are the best. <3

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