Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


58. He doesn't know

No one's P.O.V:


He leaned back on the couch, after all of the boys had arrived. They stood around the couch, only Niall and Liam sat down, beside him. Harry and Louis were standing in front of him. His eyes were closed, and his head thrown back against the backrest, which only was possible because he was sunken a lot down in the soft couch. He was trying to lock the world out, and isolation himself, but he didn't get the chance, cause Harry asked a question, "Zayn... Why?". Zayn sighed and slowly forced his eyes open, just to find everyone's eyes turned to him. "You really wanna know?" He snapped, still drunk. He usually never snapped at the guys, only when he really was pissed, but the alcohol had definitely gotten to his head. "Of course we do!" Louis said, and crossed his arms across his chest, like a parent standing over their child, while yelling at them. "Because she's planning a fucking marriage with some 27 years old business man!" He was moving his arms dramatically around, while he was trying to explain. "Marriage?" Harry asked, while wrinkling his eyebrows. Last time he checked, Emily was not planning to get married, she was actually single. "Yes! Fucking marriage  They'll probably have a lot of fucking adorable mini Emily's, that should've been mine!" He was obviously so drunk that he ended up saying too much, and too many stupid things, while swearing a lot as well. "Wait, is she getting married?" Liam asked, and looked at all of the boys, then at Zayn. "Yes, yes of course she is!" He shouted, and made another dramatic move with his hands out in the air. Harry sighed loudly, "I'm sorry that it needs to be me telling you this, but Zayn... She's not getting married...".
Zayn eyes turned from Liam, and flew up to look at Harry, "And how on earth do you know?" He snapped, and squeezed his eyes a bit together.

Harry, time to tell the truth, don't you think so?

Harry sighed again, and looked straight at Zayn, "Because James left her..." 

At that moment everyone disappeared around Zayn, even Harry. His face expression turned blank, and he forgot how to breathe, but only for a second. He still stared emptily out in the air, not knowing what to say, what to think, or what to do. Actually he didn't think at all. It was like his mind went on standby, and all he could do was to breathe.  


Emily was now sitting by the little table Harry had in the kitchen, not the dinner table, no that was in another room, a way bigger room. This was the table that Harry usually used, the other room and table was just there, to be there. She was sitting with a cup of tea in her hand, turning it around. The liquid had a dark brown color, and didn't look tasty at all anymore. It was even cold. Her eyes were blank, but not only because of her blank stare, but also cause of the tears that had been threatening to escape her eyes, the past hour.
To be honest it was not only because of the news with Zayn, it was everything in common. Of course, she had said that she wouldn't cry about this. But how could she possibly keep herself together, when she was on such deep waters, that she found it impossibly to keep on swimming. Everything had crashed down around her. Of course she could only blame herself, but that was no enough to keep herself together, actually it hurt her even more. 
It would be different if it was someone else's fault, but no, she had made the bed this way, and now she was going to sleep in it. She breathed in, deeply, and closed her eyes. 

It'll be okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end. 


//OOBS: I'm not really happy about this chapter, but I hope you like it! 
Thanks for all of your comments, really made me happy!! 

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