Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


48. Harry

Emily's P.O.V:


A laugh cut through the air, and both of our bodies froze. My heart stopped beating for a second, and I fast pushed away from Zayn. Terrified of being caught in the act, but when I saw who was standing on the kitchen floor with a huge grin, my whole body relaxed a little more. Harry Edward Styles. 
I sighed in relief, and was about to smile at him, but I didn't, cause that second Zayn moved his hands away from my waist. He smiled a little wry smile at me, and was about to take a step back, away from me, but I wrapped my legs harder around his waist, while shaking my head. He sighed, and turned his head around to look at Harry. "Haha, that was sure a surprise!" Harry laughed, and nodded in agreement to what he just had said. Zayn turned whole his body around, but I still had my legs around him. Now his back was just turned to me. Harry's eyes met my eyes, and I blushed hardly. "Hey Em!" He smiled. "Harry," I mumbled, and looked away to avoid his eye contact. 
"So what's going on here?" I could feel his eyes on me, but I just glared down at my thighs. "Umm... Well, you see..." Zayn stuttered, and tried to find the words. "Actually I don't really care! But Em, can I get a hug?" His words made me feel forced to look up at him, and a relaxed smile hang on his lips. Which made me smile slightly. Zayn glanced at me, and I let go of him. He sneaked out of my grip, and I easily jumped down from the kitchen counter. Soon I could feel Harry's arms wrap around my waist, and he lifted me from the ground. I locked my arms around his neck, and hugged him tightly back. My feet weren't touching the ground, and I could almost feel Zayn's stare.
Harry squeezed me tightly, and then he placed me down on the floor again. "Still little?" He chuckled, and pushed me in a friendly way. I rolled my ways, and punched his stomach. He wailed a little, "Little but dangerous," He laughed. 

I looked back over my shoulder to find Zayn standing on the floor, leaning up against the kitchen counter, with eyes glaring right at me. I smiled a little at him, and he turned to look at Harry.


Harry insisted that we went out on a cafe.

The cafe was quite empty, and we found a corner on 2nd floor, with brown leather couches. I went down to order something for all of us, and ended up ordering a hot chocolate for me, and two Latte's for the boys. I got the stuff on a plate, and slowly and carefully walked up the stairs. The happy voices from the boys filled the floor, and I smiled a little to myself. I was standing a few metres away from them, watching them both. Zayn's eyes were shining, and he was leaning over the low table, to come closer to Harry who was sitting in front of him, on a couch. 

I stood there, with the hot drinks on a plate, and my eyes turned to them for several minutes. I did really miss that summer.


If I fell in love with you, would you promise to be true and help me understand?

Cause I've been in love before,

and I know that love is more, than just holding hands.  

If I give my heart to you,

I must be sure from the very start that you would love me more than you loved her. 

If I trust in you, please don't run and hide. 

If I love you too, please don't hurt my pride. 

Cause I can't stand that pain.

And I would be sad, if our love was in vain. 

I've been in love before... 




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