Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


80. Happy Birthday

The next five days passed fast, and Zayn' condition got more and more stable. Soon the doctors had made it clear that he was out of life danger. The news made me relax for the first time in many days, and I could tell that everyone were relieved to hear the great news. The fans could finally breathe out, but twitter was still overfilled with tweets about the accident. A lot of different pictures had been leaked the past days. Pictures that paps and other people had taken. Pictures of me in my silk shorts, jacket and sneaks on the night where I had been taken to the hospital. Pictures of me stepping into the police car. Pictures of the ambulance people carrying Zayn into the ambulance. Pictures of the car. All sorts of terrible heartbreaking pictures.

Zayn's birthday got closer, and I hoped that he at least would be awake to turn 26. 



No one's P.O.V:


"Happy Birthday, Zayn! God, I am so happy that... I can't even, I love you man!" Louis said, as he handed Zayn the gift he had gotten for him. Louis that most of all wanted to wrap his arms around his best friend, kept the urge to himself, because Zayn was not allowed to do anything but to lie down or sit up in the bed. He was sitting in the bed, with his back against the wall, and a huge smile painted across the beautiful face of his. Somehow he felt as if his 26th birthday couldn't be better, even though he was at the hospital. 

Only a few people had been allowed to visit him at the same time, to celebrate his birthday, so he promised that he would throw a party or a dinner once he was allowed to do anything but to relax. 

Emily was still sitting in the chair that she had been sitting in the past five days. Clara had brought her clothes everyday, so she was not wearing her sleepwear. She had been showering in the fitness across the street, not wanting to be more than hundred metres away from Zayn.

Today she was wearing one of Zayn's sweaters, a grey one with an eye in a triangle. She was watching him with shining eyes, and held onto his hand tightly. 

He turned to look at her, "I need two hands to hold the gift, babe," He smiled, and tried to sneak his hand out of her grip, but she kept holding onto his hand. Her smile faded, and she looked at Louis, that shook his face with a smile. "You know, he's not dying because you let his hand go".

"Oh..." Emily mumbled, and fast let go of Zayn's hand. Her cheeks turned slightly red, and she turned her eyes away from both of the boys, and down to her lap, where she was holding a gift as well. A little box. 

Harry, Liam, Niall, Trisha (Zayn's mother), Clara, Danielle, Zayn's sisters... and Eleanor was there. They had arrived to surprise Zayn in the morning, and had sung 'Happy Birthday'. They had brought cookies and brownies, that they all had shared.  



"I know it's nothing special, but... I couldn't afford anything bigger. I just hope you'll like it," Emily said, as she handed Zayn the little package that had been lying in her lap. "Don't say that, of course I'll love it. I didn't even except you to get me anything," Zayn said, and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, before grabbing the package, and carefully placing it in his lap. His fingers grabbed the little lid, but didn't get to pull it off before Clara's voice broke through the silence... 

"Gosh! Whoever brought those chocolates have an amazing taste in candy! They are so good! Sorry if I eat them all Zayn," She laughed, as she took another bite of a piece of the chocolate, formed as a heart.

"Haha, you're probably the person I know that eats the most!" Zayn shook his head, while his smile grew wide. He looked away from the package that Emily had handed him, and at Clara instead.

"I doubt it, Niall you eat like a pig!" Liam slapped Niall's shoulder in a friendly way, but Niall denied it, and refused to admit that his passion was food. 

They kept on talking, and joking, but soon Zayn had turned his attention back to the gift that Emily had gotten him. The others were way too caught up in their silly jokes, and conversations, to pay attention to the last gift that Zayn would open. 

It was a bit of a relief for Emily, that they weren't looking as Zayn pulled the lid off, and grabbed a leather bracelet between his thumb and forefinger. He gently pulled the bracelet up from the box, and broke into a smile. 

It was a dark brown leather bracelet, with a little silver heart on. 

"I sewed the heart on..." Emily whispered, and smiled at Zayn, that reached his hand out for her, and stroke her cheek. "It's beautiful. I would reach down and hug you, but... I can't," He chuckled, "Would you mind putting it on my wrist?" 


//OOBS: I'm sorry that I am so bad at updating lately, but I have writersblock, and that's why this chapter probably sucked. Forgive me? Haha, anyway I will try to be better at updating, like I used to be. I promise to try <3

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