Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


36. Hangover

I opened my eyes a little bit, and to my big surprise it was dark outside. Only the light on one of the nightstands were turned on, and it wasn't very bright. I looked a bit up, to find Zayn sleeping heavily. His eyes were shut and his was breathing slow. He still had one hand around my waist. I was being careful as I sneaked out of his grip, and rolled a bit away. He mumbled something in his sleep, and turned a little. I couldn't help but smile. 

His hair was a mess, so just to imagine what my hair looked like, scared me. My head was pounding, and I felt ill. First I didn't understand why, and moved my hand to my forehead, to check if I had fever, but I didn't... and that's when I remembered last night.

I sighed loudly. I had a hangover. And I hated hangovers, they were killing me. Whole my body felt weak, my head was pounding, my stomach turning. 

After some seconds of watching him, I could feel my stomach starting to move, and I fast rushed out of bed. Fuck no. I thought to myself, as I grabbed my black lace undies, put them on, and rushed out of the room. It was dark in the hall outside, so I had to guess where I was going, but soon I could feel a cold metal handle in my hand, and I pulled it down. I found the place where I could turn on the light, and to my big relief I was in the bathroom. I didn't even take time to see how it looked, I just ran to the toilet, kneeled on the ground, and cried a bit out in discomfort. 

It felt like someone was punching the muscles in my stomach, and soon pure liquid came up my throat. I hated vomiting. When I thought that everything was out, I was about to stand up, but I fast fell down on the ground again and vomited more liquid up. I was thankful that I had made it to the toilet before I had vomited. If I had vomited in his room, things would be terribly awkward by now. 

 Sweat was staring to build in small drops on my forehead, and my whole body felt nasty. I cried out again. Tears started running down my cheeks, not because I was sad... But because it felt so gross, and because I couldn't stop them.

Soon I could feel something run through my hair. I didn't look up, cause I was still puking yesterdays vodka up. When I was sure that no more was coming up, and sat down, on my bum, and wailed.

Zayn kneeled down beside me. The wrinkles on this forehead made him look worried.

But the way his eyes looked at me, made me feel a bit more calm. They were filled with love, and he smiled a sad little smile at  me. "Do you wanna take a shower?" He asked, and kissed my hair. 

"Am I really that nasty.." I mumbled, and was terribly embarrassed by the situation I was in. "A bit. But don't worry, you look beautiful," He cheered me up. I just sighed, and pushed myself up from the floor. 

When I stood on my feet everything was spinning, and a big pain ran through my head. Like someone had punched my brain, in the right side. I wailed a little again. 

He grabbed my arm, to keep me from falling. "I need to undress," I whispered. 

"You're already half naked. I don't care about you undressing in front of me, 'cause you need my help."

He was right, so I let him help me as I slid my undies down to my ankles and kicked them off.

When I looked up again I realized what he was wearing, which didn't surprise me. He was wearing a part of white Calvin Klein boxers, that really fitted him. I bit my lip slightly, I forced myself to look away. 

"Come," He helped me into the shower, and I thanked him by smiling. "I'll make you some coffee," Zayn said, when I had turned on the water. 

The door was made of glass, so he could still see me, and I could still see him. 

"But I don't like coffee.." 

"It's good when it comes to hangovers, specially for me. But I can make you some tea if you want," 

"If coffee helps, then just coffee.. Thank you, Zayn," I said. 

He just nodded, and left the room. 

The water against my skin felt terrible. Like it only was touching the outside of me. Like when you have fever, and you're showering.. That feeling. I ended up vomiting one last time, happily in the shower, so it faded fast. 

I washed myself with a lot of soap, and my hair with one of his shampoo's. I didn't care if it was a male shampoo, it was probably good for my hair as well. I couldn't see the difference. 

I sat down on the stone floor in the showers, and let the water wash over me. 

My legs were simply too weak to carry my 46 kilos / 101.2 pounds.

After what felt like forever, the door opened again, and again Zayn stood in the bathroom. 

"Awwe, baby." He smiled, and opened the glass door into the shower. He didn't care about the fact that he got wet, he just reached his hand down, or me to grab it, and I did. He helped me up, and out of the shower. "You really don't feel well, do you?" He asked, when drying me with a towel. I had told him I could do it on my own, but he insisted. Last time I remembered someone drying me, I was about 7 years old. When I was quite dry, he wrapped a new towel around my body, so that my still a little wet hair wouldn't get me wet again.

"Thank you," I blushed. 

He just smiled a me. 

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