Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


96. Hangover Mornings

Emily's P.O.V:


"Clara, is it serious between you and Harry?" Juliet asked and placed a hand on Clara's knee. A smile appeared on her lips, as her cheeks turned slightly pink and her eyes turned to look down at Nick, that still was standing between her lips, as she was sitting on the counter. 

"Looks like someone's in loveee," Louis grinned. 

Clara shook her head, "I'm not sure. I mean... I can't really do this with him, because I am heading home in a few days..."

I wrinkled my forehead, "Wasn't your dream to go to that dancing school here in London?"

She nodded, "It was".

"You still have a chance, you know. You could move to London, take over my apartment - I know it's nothing special, but... I just... I don't know. You should consider it," 

Clara looked up from Nick and turned her eyes to mine, "Really?" She sounded surprised. 

"Of course. I'll be in New York at least the next 6 months, so you can take over if you want to." 

That's when Lucas interrupted us, "You are heading to New York?" His eyebrows were raised and his eyes widened. 

I giggled, "Yes. Zayn convinced me, and why not... I love New York after all," 

"- But what if we'll never see you again?" Louis pouted, and tightened the his arm around my shoulders. I looked up at him through my lashes, "You don't have to worry about seeing me again. It will fit perfectly into your tour schedule". 

"What about the rest of us?" Nick said, "What if you stay in New York?"

I opened my mouth to answer, but Nick wasn't done talking "- And C you can't leave either. You need to stay. Ugh, this is not fair. We're stuck here, while you go out and explore the world..." 

Clara smiled, "Nick... Denmark is not really the coolest place. I'd rather be here!" 

"Then stay? Come on! You're only 22, you're still a child! You need to be a little crazy sometimes,"

"Agreed!" Juliet said and nodded at Nick. 

"I don't really know, if I don't get a scholarship it is crazily expensive!" Clara sighed. 

We all remained quiet for some seconds, thinking it through. I believed that she would get a scholarship, after all she was an amazing dancer. She had been dancing since her young years, and somehow dancing what was I connected with Clara. I remembered how - when I was younger - I always thought that her costumes were so pretty and how I wished that I was able to dance, but when you're born like me... There's no hope when it comes to dancing. She always looked so pretty when she took the stage, and the older she got the better she got. She was dancing at the royal theatre in Copenhagen, and the spotlight sure looked good on her. But what would look even better on her, was to wake up in London and take the scene here. 

"Then it's good that you have rich friends," Louis broke the thoughtful silence. Everyone turned to look at him, with jaws that almost dropped to the floor. He looked like it was a causal thing for him to say, like it was obvious that he and the others would help her out. "What?" Clara whispered, her eyes opened wide in surprise. 

He shrugged his shoulders with a smile, "You don't think that we would let you pay it, now do you?"

"Y-you can't. No way. I mean... This is my life, and I don't wanna waste your money on it," Clara stuttered. 

"I think that the boys would be more than willing to help - specially Harry," Louis winked. 

Clara's cheeks once again a barely visible shade of pink, "I don't really wanna... You worked so hard for this. It is not fair, I can't do that. No... I can't..." 

Once again Louis shrugged, "Just give me a call if you change your mind. However, you should try to get in. I'm also sure that Harry would like to put a good word in for you," 

"Thanks. I'll figure something it out-" Clara barely even got to finish her sentence, before Harry's husky voice sounded from the door, "Figure what out?" 

We all turned to look at him, my eyes fast landing on the guy by his side. My boyfriend. It actually felt good to think of him as my boyfriend, even though it sometimes just felt like we had a thing going on, like you called it when you were a teen. His eyes met mine and a little wry smile appeared on his lips. "C'mere," He mouthed and made a little barely visible sign with his hand. I glanced at Louis, who still had his arm around me but was looking at Harry. 

"Nothing really," Clara answered Harry's question, but Louis didn't seemed pleased with her answer. "Come on, tell him," He said, and looked at her with slightly raised eyebrows and challenging eyes. "What is it?" Harry gave her the exact same look as Louis. Clara sighed, "Well... It is nothing really..."

I sneaked out of Louis' grip, and when he glanced down at me I signaled to him that I was heading over to Zayn. He gave me a little smile, before looking up at Clara again. 

Lucas sighed, "We were just trying to convince C to try out the royal dancing education here in London, but I'm not sure what-"

"Hold up, Luke." Harry cut him off and looked at Clara, that nervously bit down her lower lip. "You wanna move to London?"

"I never said tha-" Clara started out. 

"Of course she wants to move to London," I said, before she got a chance to deny it. Zayn shook his head at me with a smile. I walked up to him, pulled up on my tiptoes, wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his lips down to meet mine. His hands sneaked up under the shirt I was wearing and grabbed onto my waist, pulling me closer to him. His lips moved gently against mine, and I forgot for a second that we weren't alone, but just until Nick - as usual - came up with a perverted joke, "Didn't you guys get enough last night?" 

The others laughed. I slowly pulled away, looked back at Nick and rolled my eyes, "More than you - obviously," 

Zayn pulled me even closer to him, "Actually we didn't really get to finish, so you guys wouldn't mind if we... Left you alone and headed somewhere more," He took a deep breath, "- Private?"

"Gosh, Zaayn!" I wailed and hid my face against his chest. "C'mon, you wouldn't mind," He mumbled, making sure that only I - and Harry - could hear him. "You're embarrassing me," I snuggled closer to him. A warm and deep chuckle escaped his lips, causing vibrations to run down his body. 

"You two, go ahead - stay young and horny," Juliet raised her hands dramatically in the air, as if she just had said an important speech. Nick chuckled. "Maybe we will," Zayn stepped one step backwards, pulling me with him. I fast sneaked out of his grip when I realised that he was planning on actually leaving the room with me. "I'm having sex with you," I said and backed away from him. 

"Ouch," Clara laughed. 

Zayn just raised his eyebrows, "Yeah, that hurt..." 

"I'm not having sex with you right now," I corrected myself. I lowered my voice as I said the last part, "Let's wait until we get back to yours or mine, okay?"

"We heard that," Lucas shouted. Harry laughed and shook his head at me. I saw my chance to change the embarrassing topic, and turned my body away from Zayn's and turned my front against the others, "So London it was, C?" 

"Oh, yeah!" Harry fast said and ripped his eyes away from me. "You're moving?" The excitement in his voice was clearly showing through, though he tried to stay cool. Clara slowly shook her head, "I really want to, but I can't afford it." 

"You could stay with me?" Harry offered. 

"Awwe, how cute," Nick teased, causing Harry to send him the death-glare.

"I don't know. I'll probably just drive you nuts and... I don't wanna be a bother," Clara somehow always found a way to put herself down. She tried to avoid getting in people's way, and therefore she was rather doubtful when it came to moving in with Harry. He wasn't even her boyfriend, just a guy she once had dated and now had been having a thing with the past time.

"You could never be a bother!" Harry assured her, with a smile that was lightening up his entire face. Clara blushed for the third time, "I don't know... It's really expensive as well," 

"Oh shut up! We'll figure something out, and if it doesn't work... Then I could get you a job as our dancer?" 

"Um, Harry... We don't have dancers," Louis interrupted him.

"Oh. I forgot..."

"Listen, it's not going to happen anyway... I won't be able to get in anywhere, and I am doing really got at the school I go to. I'd rather not mess it up," Clara mumbled. 

"Shut up, you're 22 - live it up!" I said. 

"Maybe you should live it up as well, Em?" Nick teased once again, and winked playfully at me. "I am moving to New York, you little shit. I am trying to live it up," I rolled my eyes with a smile. 

"Maybe Harry and Clara should discuss this alone sometime?" Juliet suggested, and Clara fast seemed to agree. It was obvious that she was scared of the of moving to London and risking her whole dancing carrier. I understood her, but she was 22 and she had to get out there and live the life she had dreamed of. Not that I was the best example, I worked at a shitty pub, when I wanted to become a writer or maybe a doctor. I sometimes liked to believe that it was Zayn who had picked me up and helped me to get away from the misery I was stuck in - not with James, but when it came to my (non existing) carrier. He was determined that I would make it as an author, and that surely made me want to try. 

We ended up spending the morning in Harry's kitchen, cooking breakfast and drinking lots and lots of water. Harry was trying to get in physical contact with Clara as often as possible, and Zayn never let me be without his physical contact. He either had his arms around my waist, his hand in mine, or his lips on mine. Either way... I loved it. 


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