Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


11. Faith

"You should've seen her, daymn!" Zayn laughed, and filled my glass with red liquid called wine. 

"I sure should," I laughed with him, and plugged my fork into a prawn on my plate. We had decided to go to a Thai restaurant, since I absolutely LOVED Thai food. 

"But hey, I think you should quit your job," Zayn handed me my glass, and I nod thankful to him. I didn't answer, instead I just moved the glass the my lips, and drank. I easily got drunk of wine, just like my parents, it was a family thing, so I didn't really want to get too much to drink. But Zayn filled my glass once I was done with it, and this was now my third one. 

"I need it, dummy," I smiled. "You could work for me?" He winkled playfully, and I kicked him under the table, "You wish!". 

"Well... Yeah!" He laughed. I laughed. We laughed. Everyone and everything laughed. I felt happy. Just sitting in front of him, with a table set for two. His eyes still had that hazel color I remembered. He looked perfect, like really. It shouldn't be legal for anyone to look that good. He was pure perfection. His caramel brown skin was clean, and his cheeks shaved. I felt lost in his eyes. Felt myself swimming out on deep water, where I was floating around, just watching the sky. My heart was beating slow, and yet fast. In a way he calmed me, and in another way he made me go crazy. I hated and loved being with him, at the same moment. It was like I was 16 again. Back then I was wild and crazy. I was so head over heels in love. It was fun to look back on. We ate, but not in silence. We talked, chatted, laughed, joked and enjoyed each others company more than we probably should. I ended up drinking three glasses of wine, and that was way too much. But I tried to brush it off. When the restaurant was about to close, we had to leave, and Zayn insisted on showing me his new flat. Yes, new flat. He had bought a bigger one, close to Hyde Park. And when he said it was bigger, I believed that it was enormous. But when he - on our way home - mentioned the fact that most of the guys had gotten new flats, it hit me... The boys? Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry. They still existed, they were real. They were still a band, with Zayn in it. Maybe thing hadn't changed as much as I had thought... 

"Nah, but you know... Liam is still with Dani," 

"Liam is still with Danielle?!" I shouted, way too loud. 


"What about El and Lou?" Why hadn't he mentioned them. They had to be together. They had been so perfect.

Zayn just shook his head. "Didn't last..." 

"Where's she now?!" I sounded so surprised, that it even surprised me. 

"She's a model and designer... She's doing really well!" 

I just nod. Lou and El? What if I could've saved their relationship? Ha-ha. I was silly. 

But in that moment I still promised myself to try and get them back together again, whatever it took. 

Outside the lights were flying by, along with cars and other cabs. My hands were planted on the cold windows, and my eyes were drawn to the world outside. I realised how much I missed being closer to a big city. I missed living. In some way. 

"Em?" Zayn whispered. 

"Em?" I repeated him. 

"Yeah? Your nickname." 

"Sure, Malik." 

I could feel him smile. 

"But, Em?" He asked again.

I just nod, but kept my eyes drawn to the outside. Watching the living city. Every single person in this town was doing something. Every single person had their own life, and their own little world. Some prettier and nicer, than others. But they all lived, breathed, felt and they were all living beings. Like me. Like Zayn. 

"When we first met..."


"I believe that it was a coincidence, but now when it's the second time we met..." He held a little break. "I believe that it's faith,".  

"Faith?" I mumbled. 

"Yes. Because... you see... I don't really believe in coincidences," 

"But you sai-"

"Well... The first time maybe wasn't a coincidence either. Maybe it was faith both times."

"But faith decided to tear us apart..." I liked this type of conversation. It was simple, but not pointless. 

I glanced and him, and saw him shrug his shoulders. Then I looked out of the window again. 

"But here we are. So in some point, yes. In some point, no." His voice was thoughtful. Not slurred. He didn't sound drunk, but he was. Just a bit. I knew that. Cause I was too. Not much, but a little. The effect was slowly fading... But my heart was still racing. 

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