Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


3. Exhibition

"I don't really feel like doing anything big today.." I yawned, while filling milk in my bowl of cereals. "We don't have to," James whispered. His hot breath against my neck, gave me shivers. I just smiled to myself, while reaching down for the drawer with the spoons. "We could go for a ride?" He planted a soft kiss on my neck, while wrapping his arms around my waist, from behind. "I had planned on riding Chanel today, you could join?" I answered, and sneaked out of his grip, while I walked towards the room, and sank down on of the wooden chairs, by the big wooden dinner table. James was now leaning against the kitchen desk, with a flirty smile planted of the perfect lips of his. "That was exactly what I had hoped you would say.." He said, and scratched his neck a bit, with his right hand. "Great," I took a spoon with cereals, while joy filled my body.

James was great, no doubts. 


That was pretty much what we did that weekend, but when monday came, I knew that I had to leave to go to London. There was this gallery, that I had to go to. One of my grandma's, friends, daughter was a part of the exhibition, and I felt forced to go. So for the first time in weeks, I got all dressed up. Squeezed myself into a tight black dress, pulled a black blazer over my shoulders, not to look too naked, and then I grabbed my stilettos. After fixing my make-up. 

"Jaaamiie! I'll be back tomorrow night, probably," I shouted, and in a few seconds I could hear running footsteps, from the kitchen, and soon James came running out in the hallway, stopping when he saw me. "Oh sweet jesus!" He whispered, with half open mouth. I could feel the blood running to my cheeks and ear, I blushed hard. "You look amazing, darling!" His eyes were drawn to me, and I could feel that feeling of happiness and warmness spread in every inch of my body. "Take care, okay?" He said, and wrapped his arms around me, while giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. "Of course," I answered.

He stood in the doorway, and watched me, as I drove out of the driveway.  


I turned on the radio. While turning the volume up, I scrolled the window on my side down. My old pickup truck was the only thing I could afford, ever since I had to pay for living in my grandma's old house. The song that I was singing along to was called; Dancin' away with my heart. Somehow it reminded me of something, of a beautiful night. And all of sudden I found myself thinking back on a boy, I hadn't seen in ages. I couldn't help but wonder how he was doing, and where he was. A little smile, a mix of happiness and sadness danced over my lips. I couldn't place the feeling. It was like a hole build up in my chest, and like butterflies spread in my body. For me that boy would always be 19. An old summer sweetheart. How much fun we had had... Just two kids, restless, careless, and stupid, but yet so in love. 

When I later that night pulled up on a parking lot, the same song was playing again, and I couldn't help but smile. 

It pointed out that the exhibition was in a big grey building, that looked extremely out of fantasy. Boring, big and grey. Still I decided to walk through the glass doors, and I was happy that I did, cause inside beautiful painting and photographs were hanging on the walls. I got a glass of champagne, and decided to look closely to most of the pictures... But there was one picture that really caught my eye. It was a painting, of a man and a woman. A beautiful night. 


"Um, excuse me miss," A familiar voice ripped me out my flashbacks. To the sound of the man's voice, my heart skipped a beat. I hesitated to turn around, and found myself standing like an idiot still staring at picture. "Have we met before?" The voice sounded again, and this time I slowly turned my head... and there he stood. To me that boy would always be 19.




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