Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


23. Diamonds or rocks?

Clara's P.O.V:

When the front door closed, and I was being sure to hear his car drive out of the drive way, I looked straight at Emily, and asked; "What is he doing here?"


"You what?" If Zayn was here, there was a reason, and I knew Emily. She couldn't stay away from him, when she first had put her eyes on him. But why would she want him here, if she loved James? Was she... cheating on James?

"I don't know. He just showed up for about two hours ago," I couldn't tell if she was lying. 


"Cause I told him that he could stop by to see the house whenever he wanted," Emily was looking straight back at me, like she truly didn't have anything to hide. "But, why didn't you tell me that you've made contact with him again?" 

"I don't know. I never thought that it would last... I mean, I met him for about three weeks ago at some gallery thing, and we started talking. After all it've been a lot of years,"

I couldn't look at her, knowing that Zayn had been here... Without thinking back six years ago.

"Em... Seriously... Don't throw a diamond away and pick up a rock," I sighed.

"Zayn is not rock!" She defended him. 

"Oh, so you are cheating?" I raised my eyebrows. 

"No I am not!"

"Em... be honest,"

She looked away, out of the window. "It is not as simple as you think,"

"Yes it is! Are you cheating or not?" I asked.

It was like a part of me wanted to see her with Zayn again, so that maybe I could find Harry and maybe we could fall in love all over again... But still I liked James, and he was more... He was just better for her. He wasn't as wild and crazy as the so called Zayn Malik.

"Okay! He kissed me!"

"... And you kissed him back?"

"Clara, please..."

"No! Did you, or did you not kiss him back?" 

"I did,"

"Oh my god, Emily! What have gotten to your head?" I took a deep breath, and tried to tell if I was angry at her, or kinda teenage happy for her. I just decided to act the disappointed smart friend. 

"I don't know! Just look at him..."

"Yes I know that he's incredible hot, but-"

"That wasn't what I meant! Look at him, not his looks." She was still looking out the window. 

"Em... James? Do you remember James? Your fi-"

"Of course I remember him!"

"Do you love him?" I asked.

"Yes I do."

We were quiet for some seconds, until I asked, "Then why?".

Emily didn't answer, she just sighed.   

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