Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


16. Countryside

Five days later I stopped the car, turned the key, and let the it turn off. The engine stopped running, the radio stopped playing. And I could hear the birds singing from the open window, on my right side.

I just sat a little time in the car, with my hands on the wheel, and my eyes turned out of the front window. I wondered if she was home today. If she was alone. If James was here. How the house looked. If she would want me here.

What if this was a bad idea? I probably should turn the car around, and drive back home... But then again no. It had taken me 1,5 hours to get here, and I wouldn't wanna turn back now, cause I had stupid second thoughts. She wanted to see me - that's what I convinced myself.

I took a deep breath, took a look in the mirror and told myself that I looked great, then I slowly opened up the door, and stepped out. When my feet touched the gravel underneath me, I fast looked up, to see if she was anywhere. Maybe she had heard the car? Or me? I slowly closed the door, locked the car, and walked carefully to the front door. When I stood there in front of the green door, I once again got second thoughts. Not because I didn't wanna see her... But I didn't wanna see James. 

Maybe cause I didn't wanna compare myself to another man. I didn't wanna see another man hold her. 

Not that I was jealous, or hadn't moved on. I had, of course. Years back. 

It was just the fact that when I saw her again for the first time, every little part of that summer came running back into my mind. 

I bit my lip, lifted my fist, and was about to knock. When I could hear a dog bark from the other side of the house, and I fast stepped away from the front door, and walked around the house. Actually I was almost sneaking. I looked around a lot, to see if she was anywhere. 

All of sudden when I had walked half way around the house, I stood on a stone ground, and there, in a wooden chair she sat. She had a glass of white standing in front of her on the outside dinner table, and a book in her hands. 

I sneaked a bit closer, until I stood right behind her. That's when I covered her eyes with my hands, which made her gasp loudly and move fast forward. I started laughing, and she turned her head, and broke into a smile. "Hey handsome!" She smiled, and put the book down on the table, beside her glass. "Hi Em! Hope it's okay I stopped by?" I pulled a chair out beside her, and sat down. "Sure! Of course!" She sounded happy to see me, and I felt relieved to not have turned the car around. 

"Are you alone?" I asked, when she had gotten me a glass of white wine.  

She took a sip of her glass, and nod. 

"Where's James?" I fast looked around me, but no one was there. 

"Business trip,"



"But hey! Have you met Oscar?" She asked, and her eyes lighted up again. "Who's Oscar?" I asked.

"Oscar! Come here!" She called, and a big black dog came running out the kitchen door, with its tail flying from side to side. "It's my neighbours, I'm just taking care of him for the next week, while they're in France," She told me, and reached her hand down to strike the black fur. So did I. 

"Oscar... He's cute," 

"Yes, it's nice to have him while James is gone.." 

"So you have company?" 

"Yeah, and because then my bed ain't that big and empty to sleep in."

"Does he sleep in your bed?"

"Yes. Not my choice, he've slept there since the first day he came here... Weird dog," She laughed a little. And I smiled. 


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