Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


62. Cinema

He glanced at her hand, that looked unbelievable empty, when it was hanging there by her side. His fingers felt like sparkling inside, wanting to take her hand in his, and let their fingers fit in between each others like puzzle pieces. But frankly he was too scared. Her hand flew up, and he got ripped out of his thoughts, and looked up. She reached out, with both hands, for the XL popcorn that they had bought. "Can you take the soda?" She asked, and smiled at him. A cute smile. He could feel the butterflies set in, which was silly. But just nodded and grabbed the XL Fanta Exotic that they had bought along with the popcorn. She was not good at eating so much or drinking so much, but Zayn was, and he didn't want to buy too little. He never thought that he should relive the feeling of not seeing anyone around him, the others in the cinema shop had their eyes glued to him, and her as well. But he didn't notice, he didn't want to. The cameras, and phones that took pictures was just background noises in his head. He hurried after Emily, out of the shop, and out to the stairs. "What ?" He asked, as he was walking beside her again. "Floor two, room six," She answered, and glanced at him.
Her eyes were shining, and she felt like she was sixteen all over again. So did he. 
She was carrying the popcorn between her left arm and chest, so her hand was free again. Her fingers were nervously curling together, and she closed her fist. His hand was so close to hers, and he looked so relaxed, and so far from nervous. How could she be this nervous? It was silly. They were walking close up the stairs, in their own thoughts. Sparkles were lighting up between them, but they weren't sure if the other part felt it. They were too scared to grab each others hands. 


She cracked up laughing, and Zayn put his hand over her mouth, to make her shut up. Not because he found it annoying. He loved it, and you could tell by his smile, but they were not alone. She giggled a little, and licked the inside of his hand, which made him move it away from her extremely fast. She stuck her tongue out a little, and made him roll his eyes. The light from the movie was lighting their faces up, and he watched the 30% of the movie, and 70% her. She was way more interesting, if you asked him. Not because something was new about her. But the nose he knew so well, the eyes that shined for him, the smile that seemed tattooed on, was just so much more beautiful than anything he had ever seen. Their hands were lying on the handrail, terribly close to each other, and all of sudden it got too much for him. 
He slowly grabbed her hand, and he could feel whole her body freeze under his touch. After some seconds she breathed out deeply, and turned her head, just to see him smile at her. She let her fingers sneak in between his, and rested her head on his shoulder. 

Oh how they both had missed it. 

Under the rest of the movie none of them spoke. Her breathing was like music in his ears, and the sound of his heartbeat was like music in her ears. After all this time she realised how much he meant to her, and how stupid she had been to doubt their love. She looked up at him, and as he could feel her move, her looked down at her. Her eyes were shining, and he leaned a bit down, and pressed his lips slightly against her. A soft and lovely kiss. She smiled as she let her head fall back down on his shoulder. 

She closed her eyes, shut the movie out, and let her mind take her back to summer '12. Where they had been just as foolish as now. She was so convinced that they had found the old sparkle again, and this time they wouldn't lose it. They just wouldn't... Cause she would fight for them this time. She would fight for their 'Ours'. 


Every kiss gets a little sweeter. 

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