Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


70. Christmas eve

That Christmas eve was not as terrible as I had imagined, her dad was not aware of the fact that I had heard anything, so he acted normally, and I tried to act like that as well. It was not like he didn't like me, I was sure that he didn't have anything against me, he just wanted the best for his daughter, and I had to agree that I wasn't the best. To be honest I don't think that it was me that he didn't like, I think it was my life, the things I did, the way I lived. 

Emily's cousins were one hour late, but made it just to the Christmas dinner. The dark brown wooden table was filled with delicious food, and candles were burning. The smell of food was making my stomach turn in hunger, but I waited patiently till' her dad had said go, before I ate. We took our seats by the table, and I ended up sitting to Emily's right, and to my right her cousin Oliver sat, and his sister was sitting in front a bit away. She was unbelievable beautiful, but not even her beauty caught my eye on a night that. My eyes were only turned to one certain person. She was wearing a black very fashionable dress, that she earlier that night had mentioned was from Armani - and I didn't bother asking how she had afforded it. All I could say was that she looked amazing, specially with her hair styles in a messy bun, and a pair of black stilettos.

"Let's raise our glasses for this Christmas," Her mother said, and smiled. My hand was lying on the table, close to Emily's. But she moved her hand away as she raised her wine glass, and I made the same move with my right hand. "Cheers!" We all said as one, and the sound of glasses colliding filled the room. 

And all at once, the Christmas had begun. The atmosphere was great, and we all talked and laughed. 

"So I see you've gotten a hold of my cousin," Emily's cousin, Oliver said, and gave me a bro-ish and friendly puff on the shoulder. I laughed, and turned to look at him, "She's got me," I corrected him, and winked. She was in some other conversation with her cousin and mother. "Damn... But hey, may I ask you, if yo-" Oliver started, "Zayn Malik, One Direction. Yes," I stopped him, and raised my wineglass in a way of introducing myself. So did he, and our glasses collided, "Oliver Bolt, Two Directions." He said, and we both started laughed. "What about No Direction?" I asked him, and he laughed again, "You're probably right. My bad, Oliver Bolt - No Direction."  




"I hope you're enjoying yourself," Emily's father said, when I stood beside Emily, in the living room, with my arm around her waist. There was a little time before we would dance around the tree and open presents. "I think I am," I answered him, and glanced down at Emily, that blushed and smiled back at me. "That's good." He said, and nodded. "I'll go and get your mother, honey. You can-" He started out, "Yes dad. I'm fine," Emily stopped him, and looked annoyed at him.

Somehow I felt sorry for him. He was just a caring dad, but I knew that Emily also was a tough handfull. He had done a great job when it came to raising her, cause I bet it must've been hard as hell. I could only imagine her teenage years - back at home. He smiled a little at me, and shrugged his shoulders, in a way of saying; Sorry, she's just a bit moody with me. 

I just smiled back, and waited until he was gone, till I looked down at Emily, that was staring after him, with her eyes slightly pressed together. "Don't be too hard on him," I mumbled, and kissed her hair. "He just cares about you. I can tell, even if you can't".

"That's from Dear John, you're so cheesy!" She laughed, and put her head on my upper arm. "It's you who forced me to watch that movie over and over again!" I defended myself. She giggled. "It's because it's an amazing movie. It really makes everyone believe that there's a change of happiness, and love. You know." 

"I don't need to believe anymore, I know."

"You know?"

"I know that love exists... Cause I've found it,"

"Oh my god, you're so cheesy!" She laughed, and sneaked out of my grip. I placed my hands on her shoulders and forced her to take some steps back until we ended up under the mistletoe hanging in the open door, from the dinner room to the living room. "Look up," I mumbled, and she did.


I stopped her by putting my lips to hers, and softly kissing them. 

Her moaned in the back of her throat, and sneaked her arms around my neck.


"GET A ROOM!" The voice that shouted it was familiar, and I knew that it was Oliver, from No Direction. Emily sadly pulled away, and looked embarrassed. Her cheeks were rosa, and her eyes turned to the floor. Everyone looked at us, and I just laughed to brush it off, and make the atmosphere a lot less tense. 





"Okay, now it's your turn Emily. Your last present," Her mother said, and handed her a present from under the tree. There were only a few presents left, and one of them was mine. We all had a little pile of opened gifs by our sides.

The present that she sat with in her hand now was a box, wrapped in present paper with reindeers on. I had made it special, not caring about what others thought. Only I knew what was inside of the box, and Niall... Because he had helped me making it.

"Emily," She mumbled as she read what I had written on the paper. Her name, with my handwriting. She looked up at me, and met my eyes. I nodded, and smiled slightly. Everyone tried to guess what it was, like they had done with all of the other presents, but I could tell that all that she could focus on was what I had gotten for her. She had asked me not to, but who was she fooling... Of course I was going to buy her a gift.

When she ripped the red paper, with reindeers off, it felt like it took forever. When she saw the box, she wrinkled her forehead. I knew her well enough to know that her heart was racing in her chest. 
She slowly opened up the box, while people kept on guessing stupid and funny things it could be. But when she opened it, her eyes widened. She first pulled out a long and flat box, in dark blue material, and a gold writing on, saying: Chanel. I could tell that she was surprised, and overwhelmed, but she tried to hide it. She put the box down, without opening it, and then she reached her hand down again, and this time she pulled up a book, that I had made via the computer, and ordered. It was hard on the outside, and the title was: 

Summer '12 

She looked up at me, and a little smile appeared on her lips, while she was trying to hide the tears forming in her eyes. I wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and kissed her hair. "Don't cry," I whispered, so that no one could hear it. 

"What is it?!" Her youngest little brother shouted. He was fifteen. Emily took a deep breath, pulled herself together and smiled. "A book," She said, and held it up. Everyone looked curios. 

She put it down beside her, and picked up the blue box, while her eyes widened. "No, Zayn... Seriously, this is too much!" She said, while looking at it.

"Shut up, you haven't even opened it yet," I said, and smiled at her. She rolled her eyes, and slowly opened up the box.

Everyone's eyes were turned to her, to the box, wanting to see what was inside of it.

When it opened, a silver necklace was lying there, with a black diamond at the end. The black diamond was framed in a little silver, that matched the necklace. And over the necklace, a pair of earrings lay. They were looking like the necklace, with a black diamond, framed in silver.

"Zayn, serious-" She started out, "Shyy, don't complain." I said.

"But... I can't... I mean... Seriously, this is too much, I would never be able to get you a thing as wo-"

"I don't expect you to. I just want to give you, what I want to see on you. And I think that this necklace and those earrings would look better on you, than on any model," I said.

"Zayn, you didn't have to." Her mother said. 

"I know." I answered. Of course I had to. There's no bigger happiness in my life, than to see your daughter happy.

"And the book?" Her mothers best friend, and her 'somehow-aunt' asked.

Emily ripped her eyes away from the necklace, and looked up at me. Her smile was tiny, but only because she almost was crying. I tried to make her calm a bit down, by leaning my head slightly to the side, and smile at her. "The book, babe." I said, and looked down at it.

She grabbed it, and showed it.

"So what is it?" Someone else asked, probably her beautiful cousin, Paulina.


The book was going around for everyone to see, and most people 'awwweed' when they saw it.

Before Emily got to open it, I took it from her. "Let's open it once we're alone," I whispered.


Of all the lists I've ever sent, you're the gift I'd love the best.

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