Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


19. Butterflies

A big double bed was standing on the floor, up against the wall, and some paintings were hanging on the walls. A big brown closet was there as well... It looked like the one from Narnia. The window on my right was out to the place that she had been sitting on the chair, and the window in front of me was out to the field. 

She was sitting on the bed, watching me. My every move, as I walked around in the room and touched everything slightly. "Zayn?" She asked, in a low voice. I turned my head a bit, and smiled at her. 

"Can you come over here?" She wasn't smiling with her lips, but there was a light in her eyes that I couldn't help but see. I loved it. 

In act to her words I slowly took the few steps to her bed, and sat down beside her. "I thought about one thing," She said, and placed her hand on my thigh. My eyes started at it, as it was resting on my shorts. I didn't say anything. "I'm not gonna sleep with you," She confessed, and my eyes fast moved from her hand to her face. To her eyes. 


Emily's P.O.V:


He looked... disappointed? Confused? I couldn't tell. His eyes were just staring into mine, and the spot between his eyebrows was wrinkled. I swallowed, and took a deeper breath than the others. I slowly moved my hand, and let it land on my own thigh instead. I felt stupid. 

What if all he wanted was the sex?

But that couldn't be true... Not after what we had been through. Or well, after all that was 6 years back. 

After minutes of silence. Bad silence. One of those awkward ones, that you can't break... he smiled slightly at me, and said;

"I never asked you to,"

With those words my tummy felt less heavy, and I smiled back at him. "It's still day... Bu-"

"You'd rather stay here under the covers?" He interrupted me. 

If he had read my mind was hard to tell... But if he hadn't read my mind he just knew me well. I nod. It didn't cross my mind how heartless my actions were. To plan on cuddling up with my ex boyfriend, while James was out working hard for the both of us, was wrong. But it didn't really fit in my head. "Then lets do that," He smiled, and leaned closer. Until our lips touched slightly and whole my tummy exploded in butterflies. He moved his arms around my waist, and pulled me down, while rolling around, so I was lying on top of him, still with my lips touching his. 


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