Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


100. Best Friends?

//OOBS: This chapter is gonna be extremely short, since it's just the ending. I'll soon start Passion '3, like hopefully really soon!

And congratulations to Perrie and Zayn on getting engaged! They are adorable together!


 "I'm going to miss you, you are aware of that, right?" Emily smiled, as she parked in front of the airport for the second time in the same week. Clara shook her head slightly, with a smile, "Of course I know, but it's gonna be worse for me. I can't afford visiting you an-"

"Neither can I afford visiting you," I fast pointed out. Clara sighed, "This really fucking sucks." 

"Not if you quit the dancing in Denmark, then we could see each other more often?" Emily suggested, knowing that even though Clara said she wouldn't be able to, she was thinking about it. Because every time Emily sneaked the question into their conversation, Clara wrinkled her forehead but then shook her head and said; "I can't, you know that." Just like she did this time.

"You can do whatever you want to do, C!" 

"That's how you think... You're such a free wild living person and I know that you want the best for me, but seriously, Em. Wake up, this is real life. I can't just move to London and start a life there. And I'm afraid that I'd never be able to live like you. You wouldn't care if you lived in a little cottage as long as you explored the world and were happy, and I just know that... I can't do that. I've been chasing this dream since I was little," She was looking out the window of the parked car. Emily remained silent. She was aware of the fact that Clara wasn't all like her, but she still knew that if Clara believed some more in herself, she could go places. Big places. Way bigger places than Emily probably ever would go. 

"We should go," Clara broke the silence, and turned to look at her friend that was staring out of the front mirror. It took some seconds before she reacted, and agreed. 



Emily's P.O.V:


I thanked the waitress as she placed my Venti Chai Latte in front of me and turned my eyes back to Clara. She was looking down at her muffin, that she hadn't taken a single bite of yet. She looked thoughtful, almost guilty. I grabbed my chai and raised it to my lips as I waited for her to speak up, hopefully about what seemed to be bothering her. I could tell by the way she slightly wrinkled her forehead and pressed her lips together, that she was considering telling me, but not sure yet. I let her take her time. 

After about one minute of silence, she raised her head and looked straight into my eyes. I sent her a smile, letting her known that she could tell me anything. Hoping to make her feel less nervous, but she didn't seem to relax a tiny bit. She opened her mouth, about to say something, but ended up saying nothing. 

"C, what is it? Like seriously, you look like you just had sex with my boyfriend!" I ended the sentence with a little laugh. She forced a smile, but she didn't fool me. No where near. 

"There's something I need to tell you..." She then finally started out. Causing me to exhale and sink back in my chair, relieved that she had chosen to tell me - whatever it was. 

"I know that you might not think that the thing I did was right, but..."

I raised my eyebrows. 

"But, I thought it was. I thought he deserved to know, so I... I don't even know. I just felt a responsibility to do what was upstanding and right. He deserved to know, no matter how much it hurt and no matter how much you wanted him not to."

As she spoke, I wrinkled my forehead and stared at her, my heart pounding fast in my chest, nervous for what was coming next. I had a clue.

"I told James that you cheated on him." 

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