Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


73. Behind my back


Some things happen when we least expect them to. When everything's going like we planned, sometimes we don't realise how fragile the line we're walking on can be. 



"Hello Miss Hawthorne-" The man, that I had seen at Louis' New Years party for about one week ago, said, and reached a hand out for Emily. Hawthorne? I looked at her, waiting for her to correct him, and tell him that it wasn't her last name, but she did nothing. She just grabbed his hand, shook it with a smile, and said: "Hello Mr. Lockwood," 

It was clear that Emily had talked with him, but why was she, or we, meeting him here, on a fancy restaurant? I watched them both, not understanding what was going on. Then the Lockwood-guy turned to look at me, "You brought your boyfriend!" He said, a bit too loud. "Mr. Malik, such a pleasure to meet you!" He excitedly reached a hand out for me, and I shook it in a polite gesture. I knew that it was early to judge him, but already by now I didn't feel comfortable in his company. "Should we take a seat?" Mr. Lockwood asked, and turned to look back at Emily. "That would definitely be nice," She said, and looked up at me, with a relaxed smile. 

Mr. Lockwood pulled out Emily's chair, before I even got the chance, and that surely made me dislike him even more. I secretly stared him down, as I placed myself on the chair beside her, hoping that he had hoped to sit there, but he naturally sat down on a chair, in front of us. 

"I'm so glad that you wanted to meet up with me," Mr. Lockwood said, and handed Emily a menu card, followed by me. I grabbed it, and put it down on the table, not bothering to look at it. "Of course, it's a pleasure!" She said, and opened up the menu card. "That's lovely. Now let's order something, and then we can get to business," 

I was just about to open my mouth, and ask what he was talking about. But Emily's hand that she put on my thigh, made me shut up. I turned to look at her, and she slowly shook her head, while her eyes begged me not to ask any questions. I pressed my lips together to a hard line, and looked away from her. She let her thumb caress my thigh, through the material of my black pants, that matched the rest of my smoking. "This green curry soup, with kitchen and rice, sounds delicious," She said, and Mr. Lockwood looked away from his menu, "Sure it does, I was considering it as well. Maybe - yes, let's take two of them," He said, and smiled at my girlfriend. "What about you, babe?" Emily asked, and kept her hand on my thigh. "Noodles with kitchen, and extra spice," I muttered, and glanced at Emily.

She pressed her lips together, and tried not to bother about me. 

Mr. Lockwood called a waitress over to our table, ordered what we had said, and a bottle of red wine as well. 



"So Miss Hawthorne, I've done something little extra, just to make sure that you were serious about this..." Mr. Lockwood held a pause, and Emily nodded. I was wondering what was going on, she hadn't told me anything, and it was frustrating. "I've made some calls, some research, and your old high school teacher tells me that you've got quite a talent," Mr. Lockwood - that I still didn't know the first name of, glanced at me, and his smile was wry. I forced myself to smile back. 

"But I'd love to read what you've got, before I take it to the next level," He said, and looked back at Emily, that looked serious. "Of course. I've brought a map with the material I've got by now," She said, and glanced at me. She tried to look at me normally, but I knew that she knew that I was mad at her for not letting me know any of this. And Hawthorne? What was that about? 

"That's perfect. I'll take it with me, read it, and then I'll send it back. If it's as good as the people around you are saying, I would love to get it published," 



"That went well, didn't it?" Emily asked, as I held the door to the passenger seat open for her. I didn't answer her, instead I just closed the door, walked around the car and jumped in on my side. When I had closed the door, and stared out through the window for some minutes, I was about to explode in confusion, and emotions that didn't make quite sense. 

"It went well?! Emily, what was it about? Hawthorne! Are you kidding me, did you just fake your last name? And why didn't you tell me about any of this! Emily, why!?" I grabbed the wheel harder, until my knuckles turned white. I was still staring out the window, out on the street. I hadn't even plugged the keys in, so the car was freezing. "I... Zayn, Hawthorne is my last name," She mumbled, and I could feel her look at me. "Bullshit!" I muttered, and let go of the wheel with one of my hands, just to plug in the keys, and to start the car, but I wasn't driving before she had explained everything to me. "I changed it when I turned 18," Her voice was low, and hard to hear. 

"Oh, yeah, great! Why the fuck didn't you tell me? What do I even know about you? I don't even know your last name!" 

"Zayn..." She begged. 

I breathed in deeply, "Where do I have you, Emily?" 

"Right here, Zayn, I'm right here." She placed her hand on my thigh, and I slowly shook my head. "Are you writing now?" I asked, and turned to look at her. She was biting her lower lip, "I've always been," Was her answer. 

"And neither did I know that?" 

"I didn't know that it was so important to you..." She whispered, and swallowed, "I'm sorry". 

I shook my head, turned to look away from her, and started the car. We didn't say a word while I drove, and when I stopped on the street, in front of the front door to the apartment she lived in. She looked at me, confused. She had stayed with me the past many days, but now I dropped her off here. "Babe, are you okay?" She asked. I ignored her. "Please, don't do this. I just forgot to tell yo-"

"Forgot to tell me? You forgot to tell me your last name, and that you've been doing business behind my back, without telling me!" 

"I'm sorry for that, but please... Come with me, you can stay the night," 

"I'd rather not," I muttered. 

"Only the night, please?"

I shook my head. 

She opened up the door, and stepped out, "I hope you're alright, and that this didn't change anything between us," 

I looked up at her. She was bending over, so that she could talk to me, through the open car door. She looked so little, and so fragile. So beautiful, and pure. Her lips looked so kissable, her skin so touchable and her eyes so irresistible, but I had to clear my head before I let more than my heart follow her up the stairs. 

"I care about you, Zayn." She whispered, and took a deep shaking breath. I care about you instead of I love you.

"You too," I mumbled, and turned to look at her, right into her eyes. "Take care." 

"I will," And with those words she closed the door. I turned the keys, turned on the engine, and pressed the speeder. She was standing on the sidewalk, as I drove away. Turned around the corner, and was out of her sight. 

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