Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


72. Balcony


Louis' P.O.V:  


As I stepped outside on the balcony to get some fresh air, I sadly saw another person standing there. I had hoped to be alone, just for a while. Because the beat was loud, and the alcohol making my head spin. I needed some air, and here I was... On my own balcony, but it was already taken. I stood in the open glass door, looking at the girl that was leaning over the railing. I started to feel annoyed, and opened my mouth to say something that would make her leave, but even though I was drunk, I was managed to stop my stupid mouth. The brown slightly curled hair seemed familiar, and the long slim legs that showed off in the dress. The figure of her body, and the bracelet hanging around the girls left wrist. Her dress was matching her black ballerinas. If I had been slightly drunk, I would've turned around, afraid to face the person it possibly could be, but my head had no control in what I was about to do. Only my heart had. 

"Eleanor?" I asked, hardly hearable. I spoke in a low voice, and a part of me hoped that the girl hadn't heard it. But when she turned her head, my heart skipped a beat. Her brown eyes met mine, and for a second it felt like everything stood still. All sound shut out, and the beat of my heart was the only thing that I could hear. 

Eleanor Jane Calder.  

"Louis?" She looked surprised, though she was aware of the fact that this was my flat. I knew that Emily had invited her, but a part me hadn't really believed it. It had been Three years since we last had spoken. Three whole years. 

I forced myself to nod. 

She looked beautiful. So beautiful that it hurt. It seemed unfair that she had to be standing there, a few meters away from me, looking as beautiful as she did when we had been together. It seemed unfair that she even was here. Cause just looking at her brought back millions of memories, that I had been fighting to erase the past three years. Memories that had been tearing me apart for years, and memories I finally had been strong enough to let go. And after my fight to erase them, she brought them all back. In the blink of an eye, the overwhelming rush of mixed emotions span my mind around. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked, and looked away from her. I could bear to look into her beautiful hazel eyes, without breaking. So instead I let my eyes wander over the beautiful city. The sound of people down on the streets, and the thousand of parties that were being held at that moment. The lights from the flats, and houses. The cars. The few fireworks that people blew off too early. It was the soundtrack to London's New Years Eve. 

"I... Needed to get some fresh air," She answered me, and I nodded, while trying to avoid the urge to look back at her. "Your flat haven't changed," 

I turned my eyes back to her, and took a deep shaking breath. I shook my head, and whispered, "Neither have you." 

A little sad smile appeared on her lips, "How are you doing, Louis?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "I guess I'm doing fine." I was doing fine, perfectly fine. Until you showed up. "What about you?" I managed to ask, and let my eyes wander over her face. The sadness in her eyes was the kind of sadness that only I knew. 

"I guess I'm doing fine as well," She whispered, and bit her lips slightly in an unsure way. 


"I love you, El. I really do," I whispered, and planted a soft kiss on her naked shoulder. She smiled, and I wrapped my arms tighter around her body. She was lying in my arms, with her back turned to me. Spooning with her was one of the things I loved the most. She was so close to me, in such a beautiful and peaceful way. "I love you too, Louis," She whispered, and snuggled closer to me. I planted another kiss on her shoulder, and watched her, until her breathing got heavy, and she fell asleep. 


"It's almost midnight," Eleanor whispered, and turned to look away, and over the balcony railing again. I watched her for some seconds, that felt like they lasted forever. They dragged on and on. Then I took a deep breath and walked up to her. I stood beside her, placed my arms on the railing, and stood like she did. Watching the life in London. Three years ago we had been standing here, right here, at the exact same moment. We had been watching the city, while I had been standing behind her, with my arms around her. She had been my new years kiss, but short time after that... 

We had ended. The us I knew. The couple. Our relationship. 

I never knew why, and I doubted the fact that she knew. 

Inside we could hear the people counting down to midnight. The excitement. 
But the only thing on my mind, was her by my side. I turned my head, and found her already staring. "Four seconds back," She whispered, and took a deep breath. I looked into her eyes. My mind went crazy. She stood so close, and the seconds were running away from me. I was so confused. So emotionally unstable. Two seconds back. 

I pressed my lips to hers.

And then, the fireworks started exploding all over London. 

She sneaked my arms around my neck, and softly kissed me back. Then she pulled away, still with her arms around my neck. "Happy New Year, Louis," She whispered, and I slowly kissed her again. 

Happy New Year, Eleanor. I thought to myself, as I sneaked my arms around her waist. 


Here we are again, on my balcony. 

You almost lost your mind, cause you were looking at me. 

Wind in your hair, I was there, I remember it.

All too well. 

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