Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


8. An old friend

Later that night.


"So how was the exhibition?" James asked, and stroke some of her hair away from her neck. He was standing beside her, while she was looking at herself in the mirror. "Good," She answered, and removed a flower accessorie from her hair. She was wearing some skintight blue jeans, and a lace white shirt, quite visible, with a white bra under. "I met an old friend," She said, and sneaked out of his grip, to walk to her makeup table, where she placed the accessorie. James sat down on the bed, and started opening the buttons on his shirt. "That sounds interesting, what's her name?".

"His name is Zayn."   

"Zayn... hmm, not an usual name, heard it before," 

Emily giggled a little to herself, it would surprise her if he hadn't heard it before. The band he was playing in had pretty much been the biggest boy band in the world, for 8 years. "Where do you know him from?" When James was done unbuttoning his shirt, he pulled it off, and folded it together, while placing it beside him, on the bed. "I met him 6 years ago,".

"That wasn't what I asked, babe," He laughed. "I know. We used to date," She watched him in the little mirror, hanging over the little table. Happily he didn't look jealous or anything, he simply just smiled to him self. Thinking about how unlucky the guys who had lost her, were. "What did you do?" He asked.

"We went out for dinner, to talk about our lives now, and stuff."

"And stuff," James repeated. Emily just nod. "I told him that he could he come and visit us if he wanted to," 

"Oh, sure! When?" 

"He just laughed, but said that he maybe would figure something out... But he's quite busy at the moment," 

"Well, okay. I would love to meet him," James was always so gentle. So perfectly fine. Always nice and caring, they had never really had a fight that mattered. "But enough about that Zayn guy... come here," He opened up his arms wide, and Emily smirked slightly. 



His hand ran up her leg, grabbed the edge of her undies, and pulled them down. He whispered in her ear, "When was it Clara was visiting?" 

"In 3 weeks.." 

"You know I'm not home there..."









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