Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


93. Alcohol and showers

After Harry's enormous and terrific birthday party, and after a night surrounded by lovely and drunk people, Zayn and Emily ended up crashing at Harry's - mostly because she was too drunk to go home, and because they wouldn't want the press to find them both drunk in the streets of London at 4am. The party officially ended at 7am, but since Emily passed out at 4 hers and Zayn's party ended there. 


Zayn's P.O.V - 4am, Harry's party:  


"Nick, shut up won't you please? This is actually kind of important!" I shouted over the loud music. Nick was a friend of most of us guys, and he was always at Harry's parties. Right now he was going on about something with Niall and Jennifer in Harry's bedroom, I was aware of what happened if they actually were in there and at any other time I would've thought it was hilarious  but right now all I wanted was to find my girlfriend. My terribly drunk (and maybe stoned) girlfriend. Nick looked down at me and raised both eyebrows, "What man? Why are you so gloomy?" He asked, and cracked up in a huge smile raising his drink in front of him. "Let it go, you're too drunk to be serious, ain't nobody got time for that!"

Truth was that I was drunk, but it made me emotional as well and I was scared for Emily, even though I probably didn't have a reason to be. "Nick, just please..." I sighed, "Do you know where Emily is?"

He stumbled a step backwards and loudly said, "Gosh man! You just should've asked! She's on Harry's couch - think she might be dead, she won't wake up," After he had said that he burst out laughing, but I didn't find it nearly as funny. I stared blankly at the drunk Nick that just kept on laughing and then all of sudden I snapped and pushed him aside. He stumbled backwards and hit against someone else, but frankly I didn't care... I just wanted to find Emily. As I pushed my way through the crowd in desperate need of finding her, people weren't quite happy with me pushing them aside, but since most of them were so drunk they forgot it the second after. 

Harry was the first that caught my eye, he was sitting on the couch. When I had it made it to the couch I realised Emily who was lying with her head on his lap, looking as dead as Nick had said. Harry waved when he saw me coming, and moved his legs a little so I could make my way in between the coffee table and the couch. "What the fuck happened to her?" I asked, as I kneeled in front of the couch, placing my fingertips on the vein on her neck. Her heart was still pumping - and I realised how stupid it was to believe that she might could've been dead. Of course she just had passed out. "She got too much to drink, smoked some weed... Had fun, got sleepy and crashed," Harry said and shrugged his shoulders like it happened all the time. I sighed, not only in annoyance but also in relief. "I've gotten the water!" Clara's voice sounded from behind, and soon she had on the handrail beside Harry, placing her elbow on his shoulder. For once she was taller than him. "Great, Zayn can you get her up in a sitting position?" Harry asked, and moved his hands down to Emily's waist where he ran them further up and grabbed her arms. I stared at his hands, feeling an unpleasant feeling spread in my chest. Some seconds passed where I just stared at his hands and didn't react to what he just had said. 

"Zayn?" He asked and I shook my head ripping myself out of my trance. "Yeahyeah, sure.." I fast mumbled, and helped Harry. When we had pulled her up in a sitting position her head fell down on Harry's shoulder and he wrapped an around around her wrist to keep her from gliding down in a lying position again. 

As I watched him hold her waist and her head on his shoulder another punch of the unpleasant feeling hit me. The feeling that I recognised as jealousy and anger. As I stood up my I closed my fists and stared right at Harry. He had his eyes on my girlfriend, his head leaned slightly to the side as his fingers gently ran over her cheeks brushing a cowlick away from her face.

"Harry?" Clara said and Harry turned his attention from Emily to Clara. "The water," She handed him the glass of water that she had gotten for Emily. "Thanks, babe." Harry mumbled before he once again turned his attention to Emily. "Well, she's still passed out..." He mumbled, when he moved the glass water closer to her lips. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the glass of water from his hand. My drunken brain didn't seem to think straight, all I could think that if Harry couldn't wake her I would prove that I could. It was the jealousy that somehow made me do what I did. I raised the glass and before anyone could stop me I splashed the water over Emily, that awoke with a shock. 

"What the fuck?" She muttered and looked at me with wide open eyes. Water dripping from her hair and running down her exposed chest and down to the dress. 

"Zayn, was that really necessary?" Harry sighed. 

"I am so wet!" Emily wailed as she looked down herself. She dramatically pushed herself off the couch, but weren't able to stand up properly - so I had to grab her arm to keep her from falling. A little smirk grew on Harry's lips as he misunderstood what she had said. If I could I swear I would've punched him in the face, but since I was holding onto Emily, I didn't. A sound that sounded like a wail came from her lips, as her stomach twisted and she looked like she was going to vomit. "Bathroom," Clara fast said and stood up as well, followed by Harry that gave her a quick kiss on her temple before (again again) turning his attention to Emily. "Let's get you to the bathroom, okay?" He asked, talking to her like she was a five year old kid. My stomach turned as he sneaked an arm around her waist, pulling her away from me. He ignored my stare as he made his way out of his living room. I followed them in silence, secretly cursing at Harry in my mind. 



In the bathroom Harry kneeled on the floor with Emily, pulled her hair away from her face and held her head over the toilet. Clara made sure to hold her hair away from her face as her stomach once again twisted and she bucked her back in a cramp looking way. Soon she vomited, not only one but three times. Tears were forming in her eyes, spilling over and running down her cheeks. She was too drunk to do anything but to vomit, and maybe that was good. She had to get it out of her. 

Once she was done Harry pulled her away and sat with her on the floor. "Are you feeling any better?" He asked. She mumbled something that none of us quite understood. "Babe, do you wanna shower?" Clara asked, wiping some of Emily's tears away from the back of her hand. 


I ended up zipping off Emily's dress as Harry held her. I had said that I didn't want him here while she got undressed, but he had just looked weirdly at me like I was crazy and hadn't left. I was fine with Clara being there, but she didn't have any physical contant with Emily, she was just turning on the water. 

As I had gotten the zipper off, Emily's strapless dress slid down her body and ended up lying around her ankles. I instantly turned my eyes to Harry that had his eyes on Emily, not her face though. "Harry," I said in a warning tone. He fast looked up, "Sorry, I didn't mean to..." He apologised in a low voice. "And would you mind leaving when... I need to get her lingeri off, you know." I said, not feeling comfortable with my best friend seeing my girlfriend naked. 

"Zayn, I'm not going to do anything to her... You can stay calm," Harry said as his hand sneaked back to her back. He grabbed the back of her bra in between two of his fingers, but before he could snap it open I interrupted him.

"Please, Harry. I'm just not comfortable about you... Taking off my girlfriends bra, I mean... That's my job, an-" 

"No, it's fine... Really. I'm just not much for leaving you with her,"

I raised both my eyebrows, "Excuse me?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "You're drunk."

"I'm not fucking dru-"

"Zayn!" Clara shouted, and I turned my head to look at her. "Calm down, Harry is just trying to help but if you won't let him he can look the other way, but he is going to stay - since you're not really stable enough to take care of her," 

I sighed and turned my eyes to Harry. "You better not try anything," I snapped. 

"I won't - promise. Why would I even try? I mean, she's no-"

"Shut up, both of you!" Clara demanded. "Guess her undressed and help her into the shower, won't you please?"

Harry and I glanced at each other. His stare looking like I was stupid for not wanting him here, and my stare filled with jealousy. I clumsily moved my hand to the back of her bra, and grabbed onto it trying to open it. My head was spinning and it didn't seem nearly as easy as it usually did. "Zayn, I can do that, you know." Harry said after some long seconds of me trying to get her bra off. 

"I'm tired..." Emily complained and took a clumsy step backwards. Harry grabbed her and closed his fist tighter around her upper arm, "You can sleep soon." 


Against my will Harry ended up opened up her bra and sliding it off her. I fought not to look at him, but I knew that he was watching her. I fought the urge to push him away and hide Emily from him, but Clara were probably right. I felt dizzy and lightheaded, most of all I wanted to sleep as well. "Undies?" Harry asked, and looked at me. "She can keep them on," I muttered. "She can't sleep in a wet thong," Harry said, and though he was right I wasn't letting him take this any further. 

"I think you've seen enough already. She's keeping her thong on!" I spat, and grabbed her other arm pulling her away from Harry which caused her to stumble back again. "Be careful," Clara muttered and pushed me away from her. "Why don't you just go to bed?" She asked me. "Because I won't let Harry shower my girlfriend," I spat back. Clara just rolled her eyes, and carefully helped Emily into the shower. 

I sat down on the floor, resting my back against the wall as Clara helped Emily into the shower, talking to her about things that Harry and I couldn't be a part of. Emily's answers were slurred and we didn't understand half of it, but yet Clara nodded and asked her something new. Harry was awkwardly standing on the floor with his hands dug down in his pockets and his eyes turned to Emily, sometimes he glanced at me but not for long. 

Not for long.  


//Sorry if this chapter was unclear and less good, but I have a hangover and am therefore not that ''concentrated''!

Happily what happened in this chapter didn't happen last night, haha. 

Have a lovely day, lovelies - I love you <3 

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