Rolling Girl

Clementine has hit pretty much rock bottom and the only guy she likes barely notices her- life seems so suckish that she might just end it herself. Then she gets a second personality, a second self and she always tells her she's not good enough. If Clem can concur her fear and stop being afraid of everything then the pain will stop.
A of these songs:
Rolling girl (main)
Bacterial Contamination and Abstract nonsense (School)
The Worst Carnival (Romance)
You wanna die (Friendship Factory)


4. Warning

Tristen's POV:

Urchin sat with his hair gel, still caking it on this early in the morning stopping only to blow kisses to disgusted girls. I sighed at him, and pulled on his cheeks, his enlarged face made his big, girlish eyes smaller. "You /really/ need a girlfriend, dude." I stopped, smirking. "Or boyfriend, I don't judge."

He blushed and ignored the comment. "Says you," he perched himself on the fence of the old school. "You don't have a chick to your name." I looked away, embarrassed by his word when the idea came to me that this scene was kind of awkward, two boys blushing and looking away from each other. Well, this outta stir up more rumors, again I sighed sadly and turned to him and shrugged.

"There's no one I like." I said matter-o-factly. 

"Oh, I bed to differ. Clementine?" He asked as if he knew me more than I knew myself. I shook my head and he jumped off the fence resting a hand on my shoulder. "Come on, Bro. Be honest with yourself, you've never introduced yourself to anyone before and I've never seen you /speak/ to a girl apart from your mum and your si-" he stopped, aware of what he was about to say. He let his hand drop. "Sorry, Dude." he started.

"No it's okay.. It's been a long time since anyone's brought it up though." He felt tears on the brim of his eyes and he looked down, afraid he was going to cry again. They say it gets better after you lose a loved one, lying bastards.

Urchin pushed me and I lost my balance, a strong anger pushed at my chest as I tried to look back, stumbling forward. I found myself at the gate once I'd regained my balance and half-turned to shout at him. That's when I saw a wisp of blue hair.

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