Rolling Girl

Clementine has hit pretty much rock bottom and the only guy she likes barely notices her- life seems so suckish that she might just end it herself. Then she gets a second personality, a second self and she always tells her she's not good enough. If Clem can concur her fear and stop being afraid of everything then the pain will stop.
A of these songs:
Rolling girl (main)
Bacterial Contamination and Abstract nonsense (School)
The Worst Carnival (Romance)
You wanna die (Friendship Factory)


3. Tristen

I held my hand out to and as soon as my skin hit his it felt like blooming sparks were coming from our entwined hands. "I'm Clementine," I bit my lip as I smiled and he put on a dazzled state. He rolled his eyes as two girls wrapped their arms around my waist from behind me.

"Oh my God Clemmy!" idiot number 2 screeched pulling me to face the other one. I picked up that she was the dominant of the two, she had short hair that was pulled into two bunches like mine only way shorter; it was a strawberry blonde that stood out in a class of brown haired girls. The girl behind me had dark chocolate brown hair that pinned to the back of her head with a blue bobble and stopped at her hips. They smiled devilish grins at me and I smiled oddly back pushing back and urge to change my mood.

"My names Keziah," idiot number 1 scoffed, examining her long, sparkling nails. Of course her name was Keziah, I thought- why have a normal, generic or in anyway socially acceptable name when you can have one that no one would ever name their child ever? Why not? "This is Adela," she pointed to the girl who had now detached herself from me and was carrying Keziah's make-up bag. She nodded slightly to me and I smiled a touch- she was so sweet but probably had some kind of untold secret- she murdered her family and stuck them in an oven and served them to Keziah as Christmas dinner last year- something obscure like that.

I glance back to Tristen who was now laughing heartily with a boy with ginger spiked hair. He had a laid back way about him, he stretched himself farther across my desk like a cat. I wave nervously at his look and he nodded cockily which made me giggle. "What is it Clem?" Keziah asked, pushing out her breasts as she fluttered her eyes to the boys. "Aren't they cute?" she continued, unbuttoning her shirt a little. "Tristen's mine of course, Urchin's Adela's." she gestured a small flick to her waiting friend who seemed to be struggling with the make-up.

"Are you going to use any of this?" Adela pleaded, her eyes showed the willing to place it on the table.

Keziah flicked her hair in one sweeping motion, undoing her bunches. "Of course not. I don't wear make-up." she laughed meanly.

"Then why do you bring this?" Adela sat on her table, kicking her legs. She looked over to a boy in the class with glasses and smiled- he was basically alone with his thoughts.

"To keep you busy." she frowned deeply. "And it's not working." she slapped Adela across the face, leaving a red mark. She peered into her and whispered softly- I heard barely. "You're my bitch and don't forget it." she touched Adela's nose for added affect and turned on her heel. She beckoned us out and I held onto Adela's hand and grinned.

"We'll be best friends." I insisted, squeezing her hand and she looked up with a great smile. She squeezed back as we skipped from the class room and I looked over my shoulder to see Tristen staring at me as I left.  


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