Rolling Girl

Clementine has hit pretty much rock bottom and the only guy she likes barely notices her- life seems so suckish that she might just end it herself. Then she gets a second personality, a second self and she always tells her she's not good enough. If Clem can concur her fear and stop being afraid of everything then the pain will stop.
A of these songs:
Rolling girl (main)
Bacterial Contamination and Abstract nonsense (School)
The Worst Carnival (Romance)
You wanna die (Friendship Factory)


2. The First Day

My mother hung over the door like a limp rag. Her hair was matted and her nails that scratched the door as she opened it were bitten severely short. I  felt sore just looking at them. She told me to get ready for school and wet to get ready herself, she had promised even if things got bad that she would always drive to school with me- it used to be a rule anyway because she was so busy when she still owned the store.

I was exactly overenthusiastic at the idea of going to school and having no life or reputation there wasn't an up either. To be honest I've never really had any friends but it was fun to think that I did, I was smart and most people don't like that either the only way I wasn't bullied was that I found my own secret place on the roof.

When I got to the school I was frayed and disappointed at the fact that this school's roof was damp and rotted through- defiantly not the best place to hang out and I would be able to relax if I thought I would fall though the roof every time I was up there. I inspected the canvas to find a place to hide, while doing that I saw him- not easy to miss really. His hair fell over his imperfectly perfect face like melted caramel and his smile was enough to make me feel like dying right there and then because I was that happy.

When I got into school I wanted to try different personalities, first off I could try... confident? Shy? Cute? Flirty? In that order. I strutted into the room with a cool stride and casually put my hand over my curved waist. "This is our new student, Clementine Rouge. She just moved in from California and I would like you to be nice. Clementine if you would please introduce yourself." He held and outstretched arm in my direction and stepped into his desk looking frantically over a seating chart.

I changed my body in an instant from proud to cringing, a slow blush creeping like fire over my face, licking against my cheeks. I gazed slowly over everyone an noticed the boy from before staring out the window. "Hello," I tried raising my voice strangely so it gave the full shy effect. "I've come here to make friends and I hope I make some great ones here, I wasn't exactly popular in California. I guess I didn't stand out enough." I ran my fingers through my powder blue hair. A few people laughed and smiled. I smiled back and put my hands behind my back. "Please,help me with this!" I bowed cutely and tied a bow in my hair quickly. The crowd seemed either confused or in awe.

"Please, Miss Rouge, could you sit next to-umm," The teacher pointed at the seat next the boy. "Tristen over there," he put on a smug expression as Tristen jumped at the sound of his own name. I had found that name weird before I'd met him- if always reminded me of water because it was closely related to trident; also if you separated the name it sounded like trust-him which was strange too because you shouldn't have to be told to trust someone.

I sat there nevertheless and pulled out my notebook. I was a quick writer and the teacher's pace was like he was moving through mud with this words so I got every single word he said onto the notepad. When the bell rang my fingers hurt and the hot air itched against my arms. Tristen turned to me and held out his hand, letting go of a heart exploding smile "Hello, I'm Tristen."

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