Both sides

Izzy has always been bullied but now it has got much worse.


1. Just leave me alone

Why is everyone so mean to me?Why is it always me that gets bullied?"Aww look its little Isebella the cry baby!"laughed Savanna "for your information my name is Izzy not Isebella"i said with anger in my voice i hate it when people call me Isebella "of course it is im sorry i forgot you were Izzy not Isebella i forgot that Isebella is a girls name while Izzy is a name for a dog cause your a dog not a girl right?"laughed Savanna "just leave me alone Savanna"i shouted "or what your gonna go running to Mrs.Goldburg oh no im so scared!im so scared!"she said sarcasticly and started to laugh,i walked away but Alice and Catrina grabbed my wrists and would not let me go "im not scared of you"i lied "well you should be"said Savanna and she slapped me across the face and pushed me on the floor "don't try going to a teacher on monday because out of school they can't control us"she snapped and walked away laughing,i tried to stand up but i could'nt because my stomach hurt so bad.I managed to get my phone out and text my best friend Emily ~help me!im in the alley by Primark,it was Savanna~ ~im on my way~she text back.After five minutes i saw Emily run towards me "Izzy!what happened?"she screamed "Savanna,Alice and Catrina chased me down here and punched me"i said and started to cry "don't cry we will get you to a doctor"she said,Emily tried to help me up "ow!my arm!i think its broken"i cried "forget the doctors im taking you to the hospital"said Emily as she started to dial 999 on her phone "hello,i need an ambulance,my friend has been beaten up and she can't stand and she is experiancing pain in her left arm,we are on Burke street in an alley by Primark and please come soon"she said.Ten minutes later a ambulance pulled up "here she is"cried Emily,the paramedics put me in a wheel chair and took me into an ambulance and onto a bed in the ambulance "will she be okay?"asked Emily "i think she will live but she needs to get to the hospital ASAP"replied the paramedic "whats her name,adress and her parrents phone number?"asked the paramedic "her name is Isebella Webster,her adress is 29 Angel street,London and her parents phone number is 029205550124"replied Emily.We got to the hospital in half an hour,we went into the place where people get x-rayed and then into a small room with a bed "hello Izzy im doctor Matt,you have fractured your arm and you only winded your stomach but it may hurt for a few days so i recommed staying home from school for a few days"said doctor Matt "so how did this happen?"he asked "i was walking when i saw a few girls from my school following me so i started to run but they chased me into an alley,grabbed my wrists and punched me and threw me onto the ground and left me"i replied "who were these girls?"he asked "there names are Savanna Jones,Alice Smith and Catrina Lloyed"i replied "this is a type of bulling,how long have they been bulling you?"he asked "the past two years"i said "you should tell the police,this is a serious offence and these girls have caused damage to you so they can go to court and you could get conpensation"he said.After i spoke with doctor Matt i went to get my cast,i chose a purple cast,when my cast was on i went into the waiting room and saw Emily "the nurse could not get hold of your parents so i will drive you home"she said "thanks"i replied

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