Love, poetry. It pretty much sums it up.


9. Just for you

I have tried so many times

to write a poem just for you

But I can never quite find the words

I have it all in my head

But when I hold the pen

my mind goes blank.


So this is just yet another silly try

to express this explosion of love

I feel inside.

And I have a feeling that it will be long

because for once, at last,

my mind is overflowing with all the right words

All the words I need

to explain my endless love for you.


I feel like I truly have been blessed

to be the one to feel your caress.

Even though we only meet ever so rarely

I never feel the joy of us falter.

We might be just like night and day

so different yet so worthless without the other

but I do think

That it only makes us even more meant to be.


You are the sun in my darkest hours

You light up the path in my life

So clear and warm and bright

I barely know if it is real

I feel like you understand me better than anyone.

You accepted all my demons,

didn't flee at the sight of my troublesome past.

And every single day

You put up with my ups and downs.

You are so good and sweet and brave

I do not deserve you at all.


And still

when I finally wrote something down

It just doesn't feel good enough

Because no words can fully describe

How great my love for you is.

No fire and no storm could ever keep me from you.


If you ever feel alone and left behind,

just remember that there is this little, broken girl

Who would give everything she owns

just to get to be with you.

And even if we are not together anymore

Or I am in another place

Always know that I love you with everything I have

that you made my life a fairy-tale

And that you were the angel

who saved this broken girl from the dark.

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