The Chronicles of Viper

Viper was born to the royals of Mittjord- but seems she is not the kings. When Ritter takes his daughter to join him- training her to become an assasin of kings, the poor and the rich- she learns a valuble part of life; Trust.

This will only be up until the end of the fantasy comp for various reasons!


1. Prologue

Within the Höchste Turm of Castle Berg, an infant cried while a tempest raged outside; the rain beating down on the hollow roof like drums. Flame bloomed from a stone fireplace- the rocker rocking back and forth as the baby screamed at the top of its tiny lungs. The lightning was a frightening thing, especially for a baby thought the mother of the child- who carefully lifted it into her arms. The infant had deep brown eyes the size and shape of walnuts- the whites of her eyes barely visible compared to the size of her large pupils. The baby’s skin was soft and creamy, but unlike most babies- did not get that adorable flush when they cried. In fact, the baby’s skin never pinked at all- not even during a wave of heat. The baby had bright red hair that clung tightly to its scalp, the hair thick and bouncy. The mother frowned at her child- her dark brown eyes concerned yet loving. The Mothers dress was soft against the baby’s skin as she held it there- the growing concern that something was terribly wrong.

“What is it little one?” the mother melodic voice asked

As the words left her mouth, the door blew open in a silent gust of wind; which extinguished the fire and the candles that hung around the room. With a loud gasp the woman turned, holding her baby against her chest- its tiny fists clawing at her fabric. The door stood open, and within the door stood a man. This man was not any man- he was at least 7 feet tall, ghostly pale, long fingered, thin and had at least seven spare limbs; he was also faceless. The people of the north- where the mother originated from- called this thing The Ritter, while the Eldanár called it the Maldika viro and where the woman came from- the center kingdoms- they called it Der Kinde Stehlen. The mothers heart stopped as the facless being stood staring at her baby; even though she could not tell if the monster was watching it- she could feel its dark forces.

“You said you wouldn’t come until her 18th!” the woman cried, Der Kinde Stehlen said nothing, “Not now! You said 18th!”

He still did not speak

“18th day???? But you promised me! YOU PROMISED ME!!! DO NOT MAKE ME CALL THE GUARDS!” the woman shouted “GAURDS! GAU-“

Before the woman could finish, blood bubbled out her nose and tributaries of blood ran down her face. One of the beings limbs had extended into a sharp spear like weapon, piercing the woman’s skull between her eyebrows. She stood their lifeless, her arms still somehow clinging to her child desperately as the man reached out with its other hands and cradled the child; retracting its spike like limb, the woman fell and the being watched- holding the baby close. It continued to cry despite the creature rocking it gently, his faceless face looking down at its squirming body.  The being watched the infant, quietly whispering inside its head. It is quite alright my child, Daddy is here.

And with that, the being was gone- and so was the Princess of Mittjord. The tempest continued to rage outside the castle, until the morning when the guards found their queen lying in a crusting pool of her blood.

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