The Chronicles of Viper

Viper was born to the royals of Mittjord- but seems she is not the kings. When Ritter takes his daughter to join him- training her to become an assasin of kings, the poor and the rich- she learns a valuble part of life; Trust.

This will only be up until the end of the fantasy comp for various reasons!


2. Chapter 1

Viper watched as Ritter bought yet another herd of children to their home. High in the mountains of Nirgendwo, Viper’s father bought many children. He told her that he was saving them from a long painful death- but many would perish before he took them into the woods of Wendless where he would poach them for sport- sucking their life energy from them. He spared Viper, because unlike most of the other children; Viper was daughter of Ritter. Half demon, half human- birthed by woman who had not been able to create children and were desperate to do so; making a deal with Ritter, in which they would be able to have a baby but he would collect the child when he saw fit. There were not many children like Viper, or at least not that she knew of. There were 4 of Ritter’s children living in the cave- forever prisoners and Viper had not been the first; Upea was the first, she was daughter of an Affald tribal woman. Viper may have been the second but she was unsure; following her came Neska, a girl with silver scaly skin- she was daughter to a Drak woman; a race who had thought to of since become extinct. Finally, the youngest came- she had no name. She was only a few months old, while the rest were in their teens. Upea appeared 22, Viper 18, Neska 14- yet all were centuries old. Being part demon meant Ritter’s children were immortal, in the sense that they would stop aging- after some time since the girls seemed to age much slower than mortals- when they became woman. Viper still had a while but Upea had barely aged since 2 summers previous- she always boasted how she was a true woman now since the day her flower bloomed.

As Upea yet again boasted how she was a woman and that one day soon she’d be set free, Viper had lost interest and began watching the crying children stumble and drag their feet into the mouth of the cave. Behind them, walked Ritter. He was not trolley walking- more creeping behind them, his long appendages stretching out to make sure the children did not try run. Viper always enjoyed knowing that there would be new people in the caves- she liked to talk to them before her father took them to Wendless. Viper had gotten bored of Upea’s droning voice and Neska’s constant moaning on how life was unfair and how she dreamed of marrying another Drak man one day; so she climbed off her perch and gracefully walked from the room and down towards the cage room. The Cage room was where Ritter took all the children when they arrived, and locked them in cages; he gave them no food nor water, and often the cages were so crammed that they could barely move and had to excrete waste where they stood. Many of the children died due to disease, Viper had once heard of a child dying after being eaten alive by its cell mates. The Cage room was Vipers least favourite by far, but she needed to see some fresh faces at least.

As she reached the base of the stairs, she saw Ritter locking the last cage- the children inside reaching out and screaming for their mummy and daddy. Viper looked down, sadly; she had never known her mother- Ritter had told her that he had killed her, that her mother would not give her up. Viper understood the rules, that the mother must give up the child to Ritter or else- but that did not ease the pain she felt when she knew he mother was in the lands beyond. Viper glanced up, feeling Ritter’s gaze on her. He did not like her down here, most of the children grew violent after many days of confinement- turning on each other or Viper when she was near. Viper knew the rules, Ritter’s prey must not be harmed- so she could never fight back; lest she wanted to be banished into exile. Ritter’s faceless face stared at her for a long time- and Viper stared back, waiting for him to address her or say something the least. Creeping forward, he reached out with his long fingers and touched her red hair.

Be cautious child he whispered inside her head, which sent a long aching shiver down her spinal cord.

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