Never Alone Version Two

I'm writing Never Alone, my first completed Movella, again as I want to make it even better. I might even send it to a publisher. Here goes...

After a young thrillseeker gets bored in the summer holidays, she comes up with a fun-sounding, if strictly illegal, boredom-buster. Break into, and take photos of, some celebrities homes. Will Smiths' place= Too easy. Casa de Jennifer Aniston= She could do it blindfolded. However, a dare from her best friend leaves her getting caught by the owner of Mansion Number 3. If that wasn't scary enough, the owner died when she was 12.

Now, 15-year-old Diana has a huge secret to hide, and an even bigger one to uncover. Both could leave her the same way as her ghostly companion.


4. I'll Accept Every Single Dare


I slowly opened my eyes, shielding them against the bright sunlight of Stupidly-Early o'clock in the morning, before I got hit hardly in the face with a pillow. I have memory foam pillows, so it hurts even more. Only one person I know would do that, and I happen to be best friends with them.

"God, lazy much? It's nearly 11am, you know." My best friend, Stacey Arkzycki says, hitting me again. I groan, and hoik myself out of bed. I must have knackered myself yesterday, as I had zonked asleep at around 8:30.

"I'm not lazy. I've been keeping myself "busy" whilst you were on vacation." I replied, as she sat herself down on my bed. Her apricot skirt folded perfectly, as usual. She's always perfect.

"I take it you did something stupid whilst I was on vacation, didn't you?" She asked, getting it dead accurate. Whenever she's been on vacation, I've done a stupid thing. Usually I end up in hospital because of it.

"Yes, I've found a new hobby. It's pretty cool actually." I replied.

"Is it legal?" She asked, as her blonde hair bounces over her shoulder. She's a natural blonde, and a pretty one. Exactly the kind of girl that my annoying mom wants me to be.

"Well...not exactly. It's not as bad as some other illegal things, though. I haven't murdered anyone." I reply. Stacey just sighs, and flops backwards onto my bed.

"What have you done this time, Diana?" She asks.

"I've got into photography."

"That's not illegal." Stacey sits back up, in apparent shock. I think she's thinking of nature photography, or something like that.

"I specialise in homes of the Rich and Famous." I add, but it still doesn't clue her in.

"Still not illegal. It's pretty cool though." She adds. I think she's thinking of the outside of celebrities homes.

"From the inside, without them knowing I'm there." I say, noticing the expression on Stacey's face. A mixture of "I knew it was something bad" and "trust you".

"Only you could do something that stupid. Anyway, who'd you target?" She asked, leaning back again.

"Will Smith and family, Jennifer Aniston, and I'm not sure who to do next. I want to try and do as many stars as possible, but I'm stuck." I reply, unsure of who to do next. I can't think of anyone else in the Malibu area.

"Well, I could think of someone, but you have to get a picture of everything on the list I give you, and I'm serious about getting everything." Stacey says, with a wicked grin on her face. I can tell that it's going to be dangerous.

"Are you daring me? If you are, then you're gonna lose." I ask, knowing that I'll do it. I'm the most daring person ever. After all, I'm the one who was dared to flash my boobs at the boys playing soccer in school, and I did. And I was the one who was dared to eat that whole jar of extra-spicy, english mustard, which I did. It made my tongue bleed, but it was worth it.

"I certainly am! I dare you to break in, and take a photo of these things. But, you must do it at night. Then it's a lot scarier." She said, taking a scrap of paper and writing a list of things down.

"How is it scarier? It's a mansion, for Christ's sake, not a haunted house." I said, confused at how a house can be considered scary.

"Aha, that's where you're very wrong, Diana. Very wrong indeed. The place I have in mind, is haunted by the last owner." Stacey handed me the list, then took out her phone and started going on it. "Just take a look at this before you decide."

She handed me her phone, with a YouTube video playing on it. Some old newsreel footage, with a clearly faked "ghost" shadow walking down a corridor. And that's supposed to convince me that the place is haunted, how?

"Faked." I reply, handing it back.

"I wouldn't say that if I were you. If that ghost hears you and gets mad at you, then being a tough chick won't save you in a million years." Stacey says warily, as I concentrate on the list. There are about 10 things there, which'll take up all my memory.

"I'll do a video instead, to save memory. An unregulated, and illegal tour of the place, caught on video." I say, planning it all out.

"If you want, but I warn you. That place has gotten freakier, and freakier, since his death. If you come out as a nervous wreck, or don't come out at all, then I did warn you." She says, deliberately trying to scare me.

"Yeah right, there's no such thing as ghosts. You'll see me tomorrow, with a video." I reply, as nothing or nobody, can scare me.

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