Never Alone Version Two

I'm writing Never Alone, my first completed Movella, again as I want to make it even better. I might even send it to a publisher. Here goes...

After a young thrillseeker gets bored in the summer holidays, she comes up with a fun-sounding, if strictly illegal, boredom-buster. Break into, and take photos of, some celebrities homes. Will Smiths' place= Too easy. Casa de Jennifer Aniston= She could do it blindfolded. However, a dare from her best friend leaves her getting caught by the owner of Mansion Number 3. If that wasn't scary enough, the owner died when she was 12.

Now, 15-year-old Diana has a huge secret to hide, and an even bigger one to uncover. Both could leave her the same way as her ghostly companion.


14. I WILL Get Out Of This Alive


It's icy cold in here, and eerily silent. My spine feels like it's being crushed into itself, and my head feels like a bowling ball being cracked in a giant's hands. That weird liquid must be some sort of knockout drug, like chloroform.

I slowly sat up from the cold, steel floor, fighting through the grey cotton candy in my skull. I had barely registered where I was, before I had been knocked back down.

"Sorry about that. I'm just...well I was just...I care about...Oh screw it, I'm just thankful that you're alright." TG pulled me to my unsteady feet, holding onto me so I didn't fall.

"Why wouldn't I be alright? You of all people, well ghosts, but you know what I mean, should know I can take care of myself." I replied, as the grey cotton candy started fading. I could start making sense of where I was.

I was in a small, steel room, with a huge mirror taking up one wall. The steel sliding door in the corner, was tightly shut, and I bet it was locked.

"Well, you're a prisoner, for one thing. You were right, it was a trap. At least, I managed to hide this on you." He pulled out the document I found, which he'd tucked in my pocket. Genius.

"Thank God, as this has what you ne-someone's coming!"

I tucked the document into my pocket again, just as the steel door scraped open. Two guards came in, escorting a tall, slim woman. This had to be the leader of the Illuminati, and I was pretty much dead.

She was about 26 or 27, I guessed, with either a middle-eastern or north-african heritage. She was the kind of woman who projected herself like she was a goddess, and it worked. I bet the queen of England would curtsey before her. She would have looked even nicer though, if there wasn't this slight sneer playing around the corner of her mouth.

"Bet you 15 euros that she cracks after 2 minutes." One guard whispered to the other.

"You're on." He replied.

I was genuinely scared now. I was in the same room as the leader of the Illuminati, who could probably kill me without batting an eyelid. I had to find a way of getting out of here, and fast.

"You are die child who broke in, ya? Am I right?" She asked. She had a heavy accent, not quite german, but very close.

"No, I got lost. I wound up in a long corridor, took an elevator looking for someone to give me directions, and wound up here." I lied. It's annoying when people think of you as a child, but it can be very useful when you want to get away with something.

"Oh, I see. You were lost." She turned to the two guards blocking the door, "Leave us for a second please."


"Jetzt!" She snapped, which I think means "now" in german. The guards backed away, sealing the door shut. I was trapped, alone with a potential killer.

"Have you ever heard of die Black Dahlia? Sie was an amateur actress with potential. Sie could have been ein star if sie worked with us, but sie refused. We would have left her be, but sie lied to us. Do you know what happened to her?" She asked.

I shook my head, shaking a bit. Something told me that she knew I lied.

"Die Black Dahlia was found on die side of die road, nude, with blood drained from body and cut completely in half. Hips und legs, not connected to waist and torso. You seen Batman, Die Dark Knight? Black Dahlia had mouth slashed open, like die Batman villian, Joker."

TG moved to be by my side, protectively putting his arms around me. He could tell that something bad was about to happen.

"You ever dream of being ein star? I have. I want to be star when I was child, younger than you. I like idea of die fame, und die money. Until I hear of Black Dahlia, then I was scared."

She took a few steps forward, taking hold of my wrist. She had long fingernails, fake ones, painted a blackish-red colour, and they were digging into my skin. TG tightened his grip on me, protecting me even more.

"You lie to me again, and you will end up like Black Dahlia. Now, are you die child that broke in here? Ja, or nein?" She shrieked, pinching my wrist hard.

"Ok, yes. I broke in here. I wanted my to get closure for my friend, and I have." I replied, honestly this time.

"What? I doubt anyone you know would be important to us. I mean you are a normal child, not really important."

"Wow, can you do that again? Insult me in a really nice way, I mean. And he did have something to do with you, because you killed him. You taunted him, and you sent him a letter bomb. I know all this; I triggered it."

The atmosphere changed then, from a bit frosty, to purely evil. The slight snarl that played around her mouth before, was now a wide snarl. Perfect, and probably fake, white teeth exposed themselves, as her hand relocated from around my wrist, to around my neck. She must have been very strong, as I'd found myself forced up against the large mirror. Her long nails poking my skin were still there though, as were their tackyness.

"You...told me...not to...lie. I wasn't...lying." I gasped, choking slightly. She had a very firm grip, and the brightest evil streak I've ever seen.

With a disgruntled gasp, she let me go, so I was flat on the floor in front of her shoes. They were very expensive looking, with extremely high, thin heels. Stacey would say they're stilletoes, but I say they're sharp-looking. At least if she chose to stab me to death with them (an easy task, with those heels) the red sole wouldn't show the blood.

"You have ein great sense of daring. I reward daring greatly. Come, follow me to your reward. Then I'll take you home." She smiled, but it was a brittle smile. Like it could shatter into millions of red lipstick-coated, glassy pieces, which hide that lethal snarl.

"She's hiding something. I don't know exactly what, but it's there. Go with it, but if anything flares up, I'll be there. I promise, I'll be there." TG whispered, as I got to my feet. He didn't need to tell me that, as I know he always will be, but it helped a hell of a lot.

"Alright, I'll come with you." I replied, not trusting her a bit. If she tried anything, then she'd better be prepared.


We entered a small room, with the same, customary black-and-white tiled floor. It was completely empty, apart from me, the leader, and TG. It was then that I knew something was wrong. I turned to her, and noticed her pull out a hypodermic syringe, full of a pure white liquid. Next to me, TG stiffened dramatically. This had to be the same chemical that killed him.

"Wha-What are you doing?" I asked, as cold fear shot through my body.

"What I said. This will take you home, to Hell."

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